Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Cruel Wife and Her Cute Babies

On our way to REI to pick up the jogging kit for our awesome stroller/bike trailer/jogger/xc skier/hiker yesterday, I say, "Hey--let's stop by Runner's World and get me some fancy running shoes!"

"For what?!" she demands.  I've never been in a running store before, nor have I owned a pair of shoes specifically for running.

"Cuz I'm gonna be logging all kinds of miles once we get the baby jogger going.  You know, losing the baby weight and all..."

"Phht.  Whatever," she says.

"But I neeeeed them.  And some of those short shorts too, and..."

"And a jog bra?"  she says, and then chortles the rest of the way to the store.


So I have to run in my raggedy-ass old cross trainers with my toes sticking out, but we can afford a fancy new camera so she can take pictures like this.

It's just not right.


  1. While I do agree that having to go without new shoes/clothes is a great burden to bear. I have to say the camera is the right choice. Have you looked at those pictures?!?

    Notice that I am a follower now. Would not want the girls to get mad at me:)

  2. I hope you punched your wife in the face to prove you do not need a jog bra.

    -Sean Penn

  3. LOL maybe you can put the shoes on layaway...I think the camera was a good choice after seeing those pictures! Don't hate me :)

  4. Karina--we're not just talking about shoes. This is equipment!

    Sean--I told you not to contact me anymore. You are banned.

    I could never hate you <3 Kathy!

  5. I'm going to have a boy in August. My fiance won't let me buy a videocard for my computer. It's for editing videos faster, I explain, not for videogames.

    I hear you, man.

  6. She'll come around, Frank. Just say things like, "This video could be so cute if only I could edit it properly." I'm sure that was already part of your plan.

  7. Hindsy -- Thao said she'd pull some kung-fu on me if I didn't comment on your blog. So here it is.


  8. Morris--Thanks pal. That's really encouraging.

  9. Well, I will admit the pics are pretty cute. Better than our camera.

    Since we always buy good shoes for the kids AND my wife, there's usually jack left for me. So I bought a twenty dollar pair of shoes I thought I could play hoops in. What a joke!!

    I ended up giving them away on Freecycle and then buying a fifty dollar pair. Total spent:
    $70, which would have been enough for the pair I really wanted in the first place.

    Don't even say it! I'm more annoyed than you are reading this.

  10. I hate to say it, but those kiddos are way cuter than your toes. And now that you have kids, your toes are going to stick out further and further because you are never going to be able to afford shoes!
    Lindsey Petersen

  11. Sorry, Guy. Try ordering discontinued shoes from Sierra Trading Post. That's what I end up doing.

    Thanks, 5 Kids! I guess.

  12. Love me some twins! Have a set of my own, way past that age though. But the photos...that was the best choice. Although a jogging bra would be nice, if needed. ;)

  13. This made me laugh because I've done the same thing to my husband.

    Gorgeous babies!!


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