Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gallery: Portraits of the Twins

I have published these adorable portraits of my twin girls not only to lure potential readers to my blog and feed my pathological need for attention and validation, but also to participate in the global community of similarly afflicted bloggers by contributing to this fun activity from Sticky Fingers.



Now that you are here, why don't you visit some of my posts that are made out of words.  I recommend the following:

That was shameless, wasn't it.  Whatever.

I can't figure out how to get the special linky thing from the Sticky Fingers site.  Can anyone coming from there help a brother out?

Update:  I figured out how to get the thingy.


  1. Adorable. I want a cuddle, them not you ;)

  2. I can help my friend . . . what do you need? By special linky thing do you mean the button (I only know because that's exacertly what I call it!)
    If it is you just need to copy the code and paste into a HTML widget in your post or your sidebar. I'm told it's real easy which it needs to be as I'm a total gadgety thing dunce.
    Anyway, lovely to meet you. And you have beeeautiful children x

  3. Hiya if you copy the code for the badge and then link it to tara's website url that'll work. If you want to add it to the Linky tools you click where it says 'you're next' and it will open a dialogue box that will ask for your url and the name of your post. Enter your details and your done! Gorgeous kids Beta Dad!x

  4. Wow your little monkeys are gorgeous. (Now do you feel validated?) ;D

  5. Oh what utterly gorgeous photos (and children of course), they are so sparkly :)

  6. Shameless. Entirely. And so freakin' adorable!

    And the linky thing? You don't get it, you just put your link on it, and it lives over there at sticky fingers. If that was what you meant.

  7. Oh, sorry, I guess you meant the button not the mclinky... the other comments weren't there when I typed mine!

  8. To get that button just copy the code from their site under their button on their sidebar and paste it into your post..

    The babies are so beautiful!!! I know you're proud :)

  9. Thanks for all the validation! And also the technical advice. I just couldn't find the damn code for the damn "button" anywhere. This happened when I did Writer's Workshop too. But I finally figured it out. Thanks for thinking of this, Tara!

  10. I'll take the one wrapped in the sheet. Paypal okay?

    Wait. This isn't your etsy site?

  11. Steamy--

    Paypal is fine, but I'm afraid I can't break up the set. The sheet is extra.

  12. Wow! Gorgeous girlys! Great photos, but that's not hard given the models...

  13. Gorgeous girls they take after Mommy for sure!!

  14. Love these! Thank you so much for your comments on my page/photo. I love your blog intro and banner picture! Keep up the good work :D

  15. Wow, you're like a bona fide blogger now! After a week, I have blogger's block. I'm waiting for inspiration (or Toddler Boy) to strike. Great pictures.


  16. So cute! Yup, I'm likely completely biased, but white dudes and asian women always make beautiful babies together.



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