Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just some random stuff that happened that will blow your mind (*update--some "expert" tells me that "first steps" are a "big deal," so I guess I should mention that here in the title*)

I'm kind of burnt from all the sentimental crap I wrote here last week.  This Random Tuesday thing could not have come on a better day.  Click on that purple thing at the bottom when you are done reading this simple montage of staggering genius.


We went to the zoo last Friday with my Asian Mommies group.  As usual, it was awesome.  I was pretty proud of my wrangling skills, too.  At 8:30 a.m., I was like, better get a move on--gotta meet the Mommies at 8:45 at the zoo.  Then, like a flash, I got the diaper bag together, loaded the double stroller into the roof-mounted cargo carrier, and got the babies in the car.

And then I smelled the poop.  So I unloaded the kids, ran back to the house and upstairs to the diaper station, changed Butterbean, ran back to the car, loaded them up, and got to the zoo by 8:50, five minutes before the organizer of the trip showed up.

We always get rock star treatment on these excursions--a tour guide, story time, music and dancing.

Twins and submerged hippo butts

You know how I always act like whatever, it's no big deal--I'm in a mommy group?  That's mostly how I feel.  But there was a moment or two during the last zoo trip where I felt a little strange being the only dude in a pack of stroller-pushing mamas.  

I think it's precisely because they no longer make any fuss over me that I sometimes have a flash of unease.  I used to bask in my novelty status.  Now I'm one of them.  The emasculation is complete.    

 I made this for breakfast yesterday

Oh yeah.  The babies both took their first steps.  Cobra did it at the birthday party on Saturday.  She walked about ten steps across the deck to try to get to me so no one would try to pick her up.  Butterbean   soon followed suit, and also agreed to be captured on video taking a few steps on the day after the party.  Cobra was not interested in performing for the camera.

Cobra has figured out what telephones are for, and she did agree to be filmed while having a chat with a business associate.

Oh, man.  Birthday party.  The best shots of this gala were taken by my sis-in-law, and we don't have those pictures yet.  But here's a little taste:

Waiting for the cupcakes

Not too sure about the cupcake

Wanna bite?  Psyche/Sike.

The birthday party was great fun, or so I hear.  The night before the party, after we put the kids to bed, we started making ready for our sixteen adult and twelve toddler guests.  I made three lasagnas.  Dr. Mom baked special baby cupcakes (for babies, not of babies) with very little processed sugar and all kinds of healthful stuff, and very unhealthful brownies for grownups.  It was 2:00 a.m. by the time we cleaned up the kitchen.

The next morning, after we put the babies down for nap #1, we cleaned the entire house from stem to stern, made side dishes, set up a canopy on the deck, decorated (a little bit), and tried to hide all of our dangerous or embarrassing items.

Once the guests arrived, I drank two IPA's and then realized I hadn't slept very much or eaten anything recently.  I talked to a lot of people but don't really remember much about it.  It's nice to talk to grownups sometimes.

Holy crap, the loot these kids got!  So many nice things that we would never have bought for them, including tasteful toys that we can keep on display when people come over, much like our bookshelf full of classics in the living room, where none of the fluff we actually read resides.  And clothes!  They now have outfits that cost more than my best (only) custom-made suit (which cost $75.00 in Vietnam--but still).  

So last week was a pretty busy one, and this week is starting out pretty eventfully too.  We took the kids out in the bike trailer the last two days, since they crossed the magical one-year threshold that makes so many formerly dangerous activities suddenly safe.  And in one hour, I will be taking them to their doctor's appointment to get shots, have blood drawn, and get poked and prodded.  I'm doing this solo for the first time.  I need a cameraperson for this.



  1. Butterbean walking- cutest thing ever. And they already look so much older than they do in your header pic or whatever it's called (give me a break; I don't know blogger terms)

  2. I am going into apoplexy from the cuteness of those videos.

  3. That bow in Butterbean's hair just about killed me dead.

  4. Am I the only person who thinks it's hilarious that a non-Asian man is a member of an Asian mommies' group? :) And once again, those little girls are adorable! Obviously they get that from their mom. (OH SNAP!)

  5. All I get is an error on the walking video which made me really sad because I wanted to see that. The phone video was adorable and so were the bday party pics :)

  6. I just died of cute overload.

  7. First steps! Awesome! Am very jealous that you got to capture them on video too.

  8. Dude! You buried the lead! First steps are a big deal, sentimental or not. Get ready to be surprised by how high up they can reach and grab stuff.

  9. Epic day for Beta Dad. Glad the cruise box (background)
    is getting some good use!

  10. @Addi,
    Really? Cuter than a baby panda sneezing and scaring its mom? All right--if you say so. I happen to agree, but mostly because I hate pandas. (The blogger term is "digital marquis of cuteness" btw.)

    How far apart are these "apoplexies" you're having?

    I know. All of the little cute girly things I have been against from day one now instantly melt my heart. Resistance is useless.

    I thought it was hilarious at first--I kind of joined up as a lark. But now it's a mainstay of my social life. Somebody else must get a chuckle out of it. It can't just be us.

    Sorry. I guess just keep trying. I hope it's worth the trouble.

    Don't tell anybody, but the video is more of a "reenactment" than the "actual" first steps. Those steps were *among* the first.

    I know first steps are a big deal, but did you see that apple pancake I made?

    That cruise box has been a fixture on the deck since day one (and a fixture inside the frame of the house before the deck was built). It holds my "everyday" power and hand tools and makes an essential piece of deck furniture. We were going to move it for the party, but decided to throw a blanket over it and call it a bench.

  11. Yay! It worked that time! It was totally worth trying again :) So cute..they get so excited over themselves. Our granddaughter actually made two fists and pumped them in the air when she took her first steps.

  12. I say go with Psyche. Sike is just a bastardization, unacceptable.

    My dad was a stay at home dad, but he was 55 when I was born. Thought I'd give you some perspective on "hella old."

    Also, YAY for first steps!!

  13. I've worn out the play button today. Thanks for taking the time to share these fantastic moments.

  14. Tea Collection dresses!!! Sorry, for some reason, seeing their dresses on already adorable little Asian/Wasian girls always makes me squeal.

    Pam (another Asian mommy)

  15. Andy, this blog is so funny! I love hearing about all the kid/playdate/mom's group stuff! It's funny! Congrats on your two bipeds now :). They are so very cute.

  16. What do you mean the best pics were taken by your SIL? Highly offensive! Plus don't forget to take pictures of the kids in their cute clothes.

    -Michelle (unfamous) (until I commit a hideous crime)

  17. Awww. Cute cute cute cute cute

    Love your blog btw

  18. Hey, homie, now that they can run around and go on self assigned missions, you should keep a running tab of stuff they get to that you didn't think they could get to.

    I have to be honest and say that I'm having a kid soon and I just want you to do research to benefit me.

    My fave image is the babies with the hippo butts. Cobra's "really? he's taking pictures again?" look is awesome.

  19. damn those girls are crazy cute. and you are not emasculated, you are awesome.

    ps: anything good in those unhealthy adult brownies? any left?

  20. @Steamy,
    Wow--your dad was a bold man! Finally, a role model for old SAHD's.

    I'll post more soon!

    No need to apologize. I squeal a little bit too (in a very masculine way.)

    Thanks a lot! I didn't realize you had been reading!

    I may have spoken too soon. We haven't seen the auntie pics yet. The ones you took were pretty damn good. Please don't commit any crimes on me.

    Thanks! I agree agree agree!

    If I can help just one person be a better parent, all this child-rearing will have been worth it. Congrats on the impending joy-bundle!

    Cpt. D,
    I know. They're not too hard on the eyes, right?

    Thanks. I was never really into cuteness before, but now it's pretty much my life. Good? Like Ghiradelli chocolate? Yes. Sorry, though--they didn't make it through the night.

  21. I have to give you credit for trying and sticking with a mommy group. When my wife suggested it, when I was home with our first, I pooh-poohed it. Not me, I said.

    I was lonely inside of a month.

    I've totally been the only parent for the twins-getting-shots appointment.


    Back out now! Develop a cough! "Pull" a muscle. Anything! Anything! Abort! Abort!

  23. @PV,
    Yeah--I've got the Asian Mommies and a dad's group. I'm never lonely.

    Too late. Already went. At least they're not big enough to overpower me and two nurses. 'Cause they sure tried. My ears are still ringing from the screeches.

  24. I greatly appreciate that you have emasculated yourself and joined a mommy group. One of my best friends is a stay at home dad who absolutely refuses to do it, and I can't get him to understand what he's missing out on. And honestly, even though they have accepted you into their ranks, I guarantee that they put on lipstick for you.

  25. @Gretchen,
    I'm sorry your friend is such a chump. Maybe there's a dad group he could join.

  26. Once again, you're a badass. Asian Mommy group and all (a lot of my single guy friends would be totally jealous of you infact).

    How do you have the energy to do anything though? Just reading about your life exhausts me to the point of napping.


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