Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm nominated for "Smuggest DIY-bag Hippie Foodsnob Daddyblogger"!!

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After putzing around in my urban plantation for a while (what I do instead of watching TV), I heard the babies waking from their nap.

I climbed the stairs to the deck, admiring the sustainable composite material I had used in building it, and went inside, setting my small harvest of heirloom tomatoes on the window sill.

Once I had changed the girls' cloth diapers and given them their bottles of organic milk, I went to gather up the San Marzanos, German Orange Strawberries, and Black Crims from the sill.  When I saw them, scattered just so in the afternoon sunlight, I thought, "Oh--what a lovely picture that would make."

(Had I not loaned it to a friend, my copy of Ominvore's Dilemma would totally have been in the frame.)

There is really nothing like seeing the fruit of your loins enjoying the fruits of your labor, nourishing themselves with what you have produced through the sweat of your brow, the green of your thumb, and the goodness of the earth.  It's the kind of atavistic satisfaction that makes the struggle of the New Dad worth every callous.  If you think about it, breast feeding really pales in comparison.      

That's why I have decided that from now on, this family will only eat what we can produce here on our 3500 square feet of land.*  Join us as I document this journey into the sustainable future by way of our agrarian past.

In the next few months, expect to see a lot of recipes here for dishes made entirely of tomatoes, basil, tarragon, sage, lemons, and dandelions.

*pending spousal approval


  1. I think you should go all the way and start only wearing clothing made from hemp you grow on the plantation as well.

    You're going to be a huge hit at every Farmer's Market in town.

  2. (I hope I put that "x" in the right place!) :-)

  3. A copy of "Botany of Desire" would also have been suitable in the photo.

    -Michael Pollan

  4. X

    Just got done reading "Omnivores Dilemma" (okay my husband read it and at the end of each chapter I got the cliff notes version). It would have been perfect in the picture. We are now official groupies of Michael Pollan.

  5. "*pending spousal approval"


    Spoken like a well-trained husband.

  6. X

    Beautiful twins!! <3

  7. X

    and by the way, "pending spousal approval" made me laugh out loud. hysterical!

  8. Wait, you have LEMONS?? I have to survive on spinach and the one raspberry a day my garden gives me.

  9. Very ambitious... good luck!

    And: X

  10. x!

    And my husband would totally love you. He wants to do the same: have our family eat only food grown in our own organic veggie garden.
    It's still a very small area, but he's got beets, strawberries, garlic, chives, grape tomatoes, and carrots in there.

  11. I look forward to what recipes you'll come up with. I'm glad to be caught up on the blog. Did not keep up with it during recovery...foolish, I know.

  12. Good luck on your goal! How I wish I could do the same thing too. I guess I need to be really driven for me to be able to harvest such beautiful produce. Great pics!

  13. @DiPi,
    The hemp idea is perfect. All my damn clothes are falling apart anyway, and I just can't bear the thought of going to the Old Navy outlet!

    You nailed it! Thanks.

    Would you mind sending me another copy of OD? The friend I loaned mine to will probably never finish. Not really much of a *reader*.

    Pollan is definitely worth reading. Or having summarized by a loved one.


    Yeah, well, laugh it up. I'm totally bogged down in red tape over here. It's really hard to get my brilliant ideas off the ground while I wait through the approval process.

    Maybe we could arrange some kind of produce sharing scheme. I'll trade you a lemon for half a raspberry.

    Thanks. This is just the beginning. Next, I'm taking our house off the power grid.

    Sounds like you would have a much more balanced diet than my family!

    Don't beat yourself up about it, but your recovery would have been speedier had you kept up to date!


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