Friday, August 6, 2010

A dad's take on the breastfeeding wars

Today I'm posting on Daddy Dialectic, Jeremy Adam Smith (author of Daddy Shift and spokesdad for modern American parents)'s group blog.  


As World Breastfeeding Week winds down and the streamers and buntings are removed from city streets, the breast-shaped floats are garaged until next year, fountains in plazas once again feature cascades of chlorinated water instead of spurting milk, and the piped-in mamo-centric music at the mall fades out, I find myself reflecting on how fundamentalists on both sides of the breastfeeding war have misdirected their ire and played into the respective hands of two powerful corporate cartels: Big Formula and Big Breast Pump
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  1. Dood. I had a baby four weeks ago. My old lady CRIED because she felt like she was a horrible mother because those milk sacks weren't feeding the baby enough. It's really messed up how it seems like one has to pick one over the other. The lactation consultant was an especially mean and evil person to get feedback from. Shaking her head when she was told how often the pumping was occurring. Look, baby mommas, do what you have to do. Remember you need to be happy, too.

    We pump, breastfeed and use formula, too. By we, I mean, the baby momma. I can't get milk out of mine no matter what I do.

    I don't see why people aren't encouraged across the board to try it all. I mean, if you can have a Ferrari, a Hummer, AND a Prius, why not?

    THat makes no sense because I haven't slept in a month.

  2. @Frank,
    Congrats! I can't believe some people think that it would be helpful to heap shame on new moms. Sheesh. And yeah--the Ferrari-Prius spectrum? No sense at all. Get some sleep!

  3. My son was a preemie. I was unable to breast feed ~ boob was bigger than the child's head and I wasn't going to be responsible for those conversations he would have later in life, the ones about the stretch marks around his mouth.

    I pumped, I begged and pleaded with the Goddess of the TaTa's, but nothing happened. Still do have quite a bit of guilt about it and my son is 18!!


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