Friday, September 10, 2010

Butterbean and Cobra in "The Shiny": an animated heist

Cobra is fascinated by the dishwasher.  Butterbean is too, but to a lesser extent.  When I open it around Cobra, she climbs onto the lowered door and tries to get at the silverware inside.

Both of the girls are now cruising around on the battery-operated ATV that their grandparents inflicted first on  my sister-in-law's family, and then transfered to ours once the twins' cousins outgrew the infernal machine.  They are experts at clambering onboard the thing and plowing over whatever is in its path (including each other), but they have not yet figured out steering.  So they crash full-throttle into walls and furniture, holding down the "go" button until someone comes to winch them out of the ruts they have dug in the hardwood (*cough* laminate *cough*) floor.

The other day, Cobra rammed the quad into the dishwasher and stood on the seat with the motor whining and wheels spinning, pounding on the appliance with the toy squirt bottle of mustard that she currently carries around the house most of her waking hours.

From this little moment of mayhem, I figured out what the twins had really been babbling about earlier that day.  I lovingly created this animated film, frame-by-frame*, based on that conversation.

Please enjoy:

*by "created frame-by-frame" I mean that I typed the dialogue into some boxes on the website


  1. I know people are always complimenting you on how hilarious your blog is, but this one actually IS really funny (I can see it all so clearly--the clandestine plotting, the ATV, the mustard). I would love if you included an animated short with every blog post. And also when I text you. Or see you in person. Can our interactions only consist of animated shorts now?


  2. @mxf--I am building you an animated pantry at this very moment!

  3. The cawing during that dramatic pause was freaking hilarious. Good stuff. Do more!

  4. Dare I say.... GENIUS?
    I had no idea your girls had vaguely British accents.
    Or that they sound so much like the Master Control Program from Tron.

  5. @Frank--Thanks Dude! I hoped that the crows would sound foreboding.

    @DiPi--You dare. I had the option of giving them Indian or Aussie accents, but the were virtually unintelligible. They are actually being raised by a computer program I developed in my secret lair.

  6. One of the best movies I've seen in awhile, really.

  7. Oh my god. This is a winner. I love the cartoon. Super funny.

    Fickle Cattle

  8. Congrats on winning the waitinthevan contest!! Great blog, by the way!! :)

  9. I linked to your blog from Wait in the Van (which I linked to through Blogs of Note). Funny stuff! Thanks for the laughs. And your twins are adorable!


  10. OMG! What happened when they broke into the guitar case????

  11. Funny! Twins are hell! But they're funny and cute. I love the xtranormal videos. Nice work.

  12. @Nubian--Did you say "encore"? That's all I needed to hear.

    @Anisa--Glad to hear it. I know you usually prefer Italian Art House films, but it's good to see that you are becoming a more sophisticated connoisseur!

    @Fickle Cattle--Thanks!

    @Km--Thanks! Glad to have you here.

    @Lai--Thanks for coming by!

    @PtotheB--We don't talk about what happened with the guitar case. Hoping that trauma will remain repressed indefinitely. Or at least until after I'm dead.

    @Nicole--Thanks, but I disagree. I feel bad for those poor singleton parents and their humdrum lives.

  13. Loved the vid, I literally laughed out loud about stabbing the diswasher with the mustard bottle.

    I can totally relate to the kids ramming a vehicle into a wall and just pressing the gas until someone comes to rescue them. I get a kick out of it everytime.


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