Monday, September 20, 2010

Video: Babies in the dog wagon

I complain a lot about my dog (e.g., here).  Also, I make fun of her (here, for instance.)  I don't feel great about that.  I'm sure she picks up on my frustration with her, and that doesn't help with her terrible anxiety and lack of confidence, which in turn makes me more frustrated with her. 

But there's one thing that she's really good at, and somehow it makes up for a multitude of sins.  I'm pretty proud of her on days like today.


The twins' first ride in the Radio Flyer


  1. #1 - That's a handy dog you got there. Put a little barrel of brandy around her neck, drop her off in the Alps, and she'll make a helluva a rescue dog.

    #2 - Sometimes the cuteness of those girls makes my retinas burn.

  2. Everyone looks like they are having a great time! Once the girls are able to hold onto reins, you should invest in a double-wide sulky.


  3. Next stop, the arctic! You need to add one of those little poop slings like they have for the horse drawn carriages in Central Park.

  4. Did you make the dog harness for the wagon? Did you do that in your spare time?

    The twins are the coolest twins on the block no doubt!

  5. I smell a Christmas card photo!!

    They're adorable, all of your critters.

  6. What's the current ratio of sleeved to sleeveless? Just wondering.

  7. @DiPi--She's pretty handy all right. For that one thing. Oh, and I guess for home security too. Sorry about the retinas. I guess you'll have to wear two eye patches for a while. It's a good look for you.

    @Michelle--I'm totally going to build a sulky. Mark my words. (Or maybe buy one, if building it looks too hard. You can go ahead and mark those words too.)

    @Elly Lou--Well, she has a diaper. I guess she could wear that if we go carting in a strictly urban environment.

    @Nubian--Nah, I ordered all the parts online. Bought the wagon off of craigslist, then put it all together.

    @Steamy--Yup. That is totally part of the Xmas card plan.

    @P-B--About 65% of my t-shirts are sleeveless and feature paint and dry rot. The good news is that virtually all of my button-downs have sleeves.

  8. Well damn there goes my image of you being a great big super hero! I had this whole little scenario going on in my head, you, sleeveless t-shirt and tights, on one arm two twins, the other a chisel or hammer or whatever it is you use to build things. Bubble burst ~ where the hell is my wine glass!

  9. @Nubian--Aw, c'mon. I still built our freakin' house. That's worth something isn't it? And I have some tights.

  10. Awesome. I'd be making money off that puppy, charging all the neighbor kids for rides. Make him earn his kibble.


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