Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Tuesday post-Thanksgiving edition

After carefully reading this entire post, please to click on the purple button and go to the Un Mom where you will receive further instructions.

It's been so long since I have played the Random Tuesday game, I don't know if I remember how to be disjointed.  Lemme just stretch out here for a second.  Don't want to pull anything.

If you're like me, you have an uncanny sense of when you have just stepped in dogshit.  There is nothing with quite that viscosity.  There is no mistaking it for mud or mashed potatoes or turkey giblets, even before the odor hits your nostrils.

Speaking of dancing, you should watch this.  You probably already have.  But if not, you should.


Here's a picture of Cobra wearing a beautiful Thanksgiving sombrero while she eats breakfast and keeps her eye on the reflection in her shot glass of a couple bad hombres behind her:

Here's bunch of other random pictures from Thanksgiving:

Cobra and Butterbean playing "Pop goes the weasel."

Butterbean trying to eat the decorative Indian corn we were using as set dressing for our official non-denominational holiday greeting card of good cheer

So over Thanksgiving we went to that city I talked about in the post where I almost died from turkey. We hung out with family and friends and people we had never met before, and had an intimate little Thanksgiving dinner for 29, and then spent a few days doing fun stuff with the twins and their cousins and aunts and uncles.  It all went pretty smoothly, really.  

Stella the dog came along with us, and was an excellent traveler and houseguest.  Except for the embarrassing episodes of gas, which her hosts really brought upon themselves by feeding her table scraps even after they had been warned not to.  Also, I didn't really notice this myself, but after my sisters-in-law took her for long walks, they reported that the hipsters in their stylish neighborhood were stunned by Stella's beauty and frightened by her great size, being used to little dogs that ride around in Chanel bags.

Two of the twins' aunties that we visited are photographers, so the holiday card photo shoot was quite the production, with full-on light setups and everything.  Here's a behind the scenes look:

We had a little trouble keeping the girls from squirming and trying to throw or eat many of the props, which had previously been centerpieces for the Thanksgiving feast, and looked edible and may have smelled like gravy.  I think we got some good Christmas card shots though. 

Random blog administration stuff:

I'm not exactly sure why, but I have created a Beta Dad facebook "page," and I hope you will click on it and "like" it so I guess all your friends will see that you "liked" it, and then they will start "liking" it too, or something?  And then they will start reading my blog?  Somebody told me that's what I should do anyway.
I also opened a facebook account under the username "Beta Dadblog," and you should "friend" me if you feel like it.  I have a better idea of why I did that.  Oddly enough, with very few exceptions, my facebook friends on my regular account are people I know in real life, and the idea of intermingling my real-life friends with my blog-i-verse friends confuses me to the point of panic, even though the intermingling would be mostly digital.  See?  Ironic, right?

Lastly (on the blog-whoring front), there are some more buttons scattered in strategically random locations that will allow you to share this blog through all your fancy social networking websites.  If you feel like it.


One last thing.  I'm really excited about this crazy project I'm working on (so far only in my imagination) for Christmas for the girls, in which I will finally use my carpentry skills to make something fun for them.  Unless you consider the roof over their heads "fun," in which case it will be the second fun thing I have made for them.

I'm mentioning this project here in an attempt to pressure myself into actually following through with it instead of copping out and buying them a Barbie Dream House.  But I think I'll save the details for a future post in which I can actually demonstrate some progress.


  1. I think the people in the break-dancing showoff should be sitting farther away, especially since there is that one long-legged adult who's swinging his appendages around in people's faces!

  2. I love the behind-the-scenes video. Especially the soundtrack.

    I'm totally getting the panic attack over intermingling the IRL and the Blog life. I have just accepted a friend request from Dr. Cynicism and am realizing that I have heretofore put a lot of effort into keeping my kids' faces out of sight from the blog readers. Guess I crapped that up.

    Happy RTT, send me that techno jam on the video, I dig it.

    Alos, the kids are as cute as ever!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving and stuff, dude!

    Looks like the twins had fun.

    And don't think of it as "intermingling". Think of it as a giant Menage Trios-hundred something.

    P.S. Your wife is totally screwing the carpenter.

  4. Hi! I 'liked' your page, although I'm with Nicole: mashing my real life with my blog identity is messing with my head. Oh well. I'm blog whoring has hard as I can too. We don't have so many hipsters in my neighborhood, more hipwadesters. It rains a lot.

  5. I am sure whatever u create will be awesome and one of a kind.. oh and destruction proof, right?

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  7. Cute pics from Thanksgiving. Also, that video of the 8 year-old... Amazing.

  8. Regarding the dogshit, you are totally right. Somehow, among our many survival instincts our ability to interpret the sensation of stepping in it is among the most keen.

  9. Oh, sure. "Stella" had gas at the table. Blaming that smell on the "dog." Yea, I've heard that one before.

    I think I've already clicked "like" on your fan page -- Is there a "Superlike" button I can click? If so, I shall click ahoy. Then I'll tell my friends to do the same, or else rue the consequences.

  10. OO! Is it a dollhouse? I always wanted a dollhouse when I was little. I'm planning on making one for myself one day.
    I've already "Be-friended" your FB page. My FB page is people I know in "REAL" life to. I don't plan on making another one for my blog, I'll put the url on my page for my blog from time to time but I don't think any of my FB friends are on Blogger.

  11. Beta Dad--I am a blogging grandmother who reads your blog because you are a good writer and you make me laugh. And your girls are cute. Keep it up.

  12. I swore I wasn't going to mix my blog life and my 'real' life, and then someone sent me a friend request and it's all downhill from there. And you can tell who my blog friends are on FB, because they're WAY more giving with the commenty goodness.

  13. Awesome, I love me some Tool Time posts from dads. Homemade gifts are so much cooler.

  14. Love the blog--have since the day I discovered it. Particularly, I like the literary reviews. Do more of those.


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