Friday, December 17, 2010

Aiming Low

Check it out: I have a new writing gig!  Along with Ron Mattocks of Clark Kent's Lunchbox, I'm reppin' the Y chromosome for a group blog written by a bunch of smart, talented gyno-Americans (and Canadians).

It's called Aiming Low, and it's the brainchild of Anissa Mayhew, who needs no introduction to anyone who reads mommyblogs(ish).

Here's the link to my inaugural post at Aiming Low.  Please do me a solid and click the link, read the post, and share some of the comment love that I always appreciate more than you can imagine right here at home.

Okay. Look.  I didn't want to have to resort to bribery, but here's an adorable video of Cobra the Stuntbaby.  But you're not allowed to watch it until after you read my piece at Aiming Low.


In case you missed it, here's a link to my first post at Aiming Low. 


  1. What? No video of post-acrobatics barf?

  2. Of course I saw the video first,before going to the link!. BTW the year my kid had that johnny jump up it was an institutional white... and she hated it... your kid seems to love it... good for you... does it still have that god awful claw at the top? I think that is what freaked mine out.

  3. I'll pop over and add some support from Blighty.

    Good luck.

  4. I read the post at Aiming low so I'm allowed in right? Great video. I love stunt babies. And your girls are really cute.

  5. If only you'd just link the dang thing.

    PS: Aiming Low, huh? Yeah. I knew you'd be huge.

  6. Thanks for the prompt to have Boy George stuck in my head. Like you didn't know that was gonna happen. I'll spin you right 'round, Georgie!

    Cobra's ridiculously cute as always.

  7. @JJ Daddy-O--Didn't want to risk getting chunks on my iPhone. They're very delicate.

    @KBF--Hey, that's cheating! Yeah, they fight over that damn thing, despite the scary claw.


    @Otter--Thanks for coming back over. Hope you make it a regular haunt!

    @Steamy--I can hire a skywriter to go over your house and spell out the url if you want.


    @Nicole--Ah, you youngsters. I can see where you would think "Right Round" would be a Culture Club song; but it's actually the one hit (pretty much) by their darker counterpart, DOA. And now that song will be in my head for the next 48 hours. Thank *you*

  8. I hate that you a.) bribe us with cute twin videos and b.) know exactly how effective said bribery is.

  9. All that spinning..
    I need to lay down!
    Clicking you link now...

  10. were you listening to Everclear? Dude, showing your age ;)

  11. Whoa, that makes me dizzy! Congrats on the writing gig, very cool!


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