Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RTT: What's he building in there?

These photos were taken outside of the Beta Dad laboratory/workshop recently. No one has been able to say for sure what's going on in there, but there is speculation that it has something to do with Christmas, and could explain Beta Dad's almost complete absence from electronic social media outlets in the last few days.

If you have any idea what this project could be, please share it in the comment section.

Tom Waits wrote a song after seeing the leaked photos above.  Below is the video for said song:

I lost a couple followers since my last post.  I wonder if they bailed because I'm such a Scrooge about Christmas.  Or maybe they just got sick of my self-absorbed nattering. 

I know what you're saying: I shouldn't be so consumed with negative thoughts.  There's probably a good explanation.  Maybe they died.

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  1. Perhaps it's a combination of somewhere to park a car and practise some music.

    It wasn't very large,there was just enough room to cram the drums in the corner over by the Dodge....

    You've got me started now..:-)

  2. I think it's a sleigh.

    Or a sweet ramp for your bike.

  3. I'm stumped. Looks interesting though. That's a pretty cool looking nail gun , is it battery powered? The one I have is an air powered brad nailer and I'm waiting to get one in my finger.

    You had mentioned in a response to one of my earlier comments that you wanted to catch a big fish one day. You should hop over to my blog and look at the video of the Goliath Grouper. A guy in FL caught it and it looks like a Largemouth Bass with a mouth big enough to eat a five gallon bucket. Crazy stuff man!


    Can't wait to see how your project turns out!

  4. It does look like 2 lil sleighs. Or beds.

    Or... omg...



  5. In one of my rare sunshiny moments was thinking something nice, like a kitten petting zoo, but after the video... I'm not.so.sure.

  6. That's the creepiest shit I've seen. I loved it.

    So, you're building:
    - A better twin trap
    - Satan's playhouse
    - A sled for the dog to pull the kids in on the one hill in Cali with 3 inches of trucked-in snow

    Happy RTT, BetaBuilder

  7. Is this a prototype piece for some future IKEA furniture. If so, I'm guessing chair. (What's he building in there? We have a right to know.)

  8. Obviously the retractable wings for your wooden version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

  9. @jacks--"he used to be a nice boy...he used to mow the grass..."

    @KBF--Not this time, although I plan to build a nice little chariot-ish thing called a "Sulky" wagon for the dog to pull them in.


    @JM--Funny that you remembered my desire to land a big fish. I guess you've got fish on your mind all the time though. I'll check out the crazy grouper.

    That nail gun runs on internal combustion, essentially. It's got a butane cylinder and a battery that create a little explosion that activates a piston that drives a nail. I've shot myself with many a nailgun, including shooting a 3.5 inch framing nail (16-penny) all the way through my thumb. Good times.

    @Frank--You know, although they're not meant to launch babies, they inevitably will at some point.

    @Trout--No half-pipe until age 3, according to the American Association of Pediatrics.

    @Vinny--aww...kittens. Nope. Could be used to terrorize kittens, though.

    @Nicole--Yeah. My wife doesn't like it when I play Tom Waits around the kids. Good guesses, but nope, nope, and nope.

    @David-- Sometimes I wish Ikea were more expensive, so I would have an excuse to build furniture. I almost built a table and chairs for the kids, but buying them from Ikea was cheaper than just the lumber I would have needed to build them myself.

  10. It's a baby roller coaster! I want one. How much? Blood, sweat, tears?

    I know that's it. *smug look*. It's brilliant.

    I'm wrong, aren't I?

  11. Whatever the project is, I'm impressed, because bending, laminating, and whatever else you're doing looks pretty advanced. I think my Mr. Wild would be impressed as well.

    Don't sweat the loss of followers. I gained two in recent weeks, maybe they jumped ship to join my band wagon. ;)

    So glad you're Q-pon. I am going to prove my husband wrong yet. He continually makes fun of me.

  12. It's obviously an abstract version of Jesus in the manger with the three wise men. Avant-garde Catholicism is supposed to be pretty big this year.

    Do I get a prize for guessing right?

  13. I don't know, but according to the first picture it's for someone named Pat.

    I have no idea why I gain & lose followers. I think they're just trying to confuse me.

  14. That Tom Waits song always gives me nightmares. Thanks, BD.

    Also, it's a hammer dulcimer, yes?

  15. I think maybe Rocking Horses....?

  16. p.s. That song is scary!!

  17. I hope it's a bunch of interestingly shaped wood glued together in multiple layers.

    I fear it's some sort of Christmas decoration for your home in your desperate attempt to get your very own "WOW" responses from your girls.

    I guess it could be an early start to next year's Halloween costumes which is a much better Holiday to focus on anyway.

  18. I believe you are building a sled to hook up the dog with problems to drag the twins around on. A little like the Grinch sled!!!

    or a box to protect the dog from the twins.

    Or a cage to contain the twins.

    Hmm, hard to tell which you would most likely lock up for their protection!

  19. It's obviously a giant Trojan horse the twins can use to invade the neighboring kingdom. Duh, people.

  20. Are you trying to give us nightmares? What's up with this video?! Thanks betadad, I like you, but if someone drops you it's because you might have kept them up all night with nightmares.

  21. I'm guessing you aren't building anything you can purchase at Ikea.

  22. that's not a sleigh people! Obviously it's a giant sex swing built in a tasteful minimalist Ikea aesthetic.

    also, i hate you for having more awesome vices than me. Carpentry vices, not the bad habit kind, i probably have more of those.

  23. Oh, yeh. one more thing, I lost 2 followers last week too! I have a hard time feeling empathetic for you though. Mostly because I can't imagine what it would be like to go from 973 followers to 971. me losing 2 followers is like you losing 90.

    I forgive you though because you like Tom Waits.

  24. No idea what it is, but can't wait to see the final result.
    I think they died to. Either that or abducted by aliens.

  25. Those are all GREAT guesses, and yet surprisingly far from correct.

    But now I have all kinds of ideas for future projects.

    @Anisa--My Catholicism is so abstract it is virtually unrecognizable. Your prize is that you get to paint it!

    @Keely--I was hoping someone might notice that. Actually, it means "pattern." But it always makes me feel closer to a piece of wood when I name it.

    @Elly Lou--As I've been working on this, I've thought about 1000 times how fun and easy it would be to make a stringed instrument. Stradivarius Schmadivarius.

    @Nikki and DiPi--Now I'm thinking of building a Trojan horse that rocks!

    @Pete--And the Trojan Rocking Horse will of course have a sex swing inside it. Also, I used every bar-clamp and c-clamp I own and four more that I borrowed from a neighbor. Each one of those curvy pieces required 15 clamps to keep it in place. I bought most of them super-cheap at an estate sale years ago. Score!

  26. It is a sleigh that you can use when you dress up as the grinch.

  27. How about a slide for the girls to play on?

  28. I am voting that this is a play kitchen for the lovely ladies. As for your lost followers, they didn't likely die. I would think they would be unable to "unfollow" you if that happened.
    Of course, anyone who has stopped following you is totally foolish and is, obviously, dead inside.

  29. I am gonna go with a skateboard ramp.

  30. Well, I'm not dead (yet!). I eat Chinese on Xmas Eve anyway. I think it's a sleigh. You're probably softing up because of those two beautiful girls - that'll do it to you!

  31. A pimped-out coffin? (Sorry. Inspired by the hilarious "dead" comment.)

  32. I love that Tom Waits song. I take it you saw he was just inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this week?

  33. God, I love that song!
    I think you're building clues that you might be building something.

  34. B-diddy, I assume you are building me a xmas present. Thank you in advance. But the wife and I already own a perfectly functional f*ck-swing.

  35. Obviously it's a combination Snowboard/SkateBoard/Guitar, so that when you get lots of air you can wail on it with an awesome solo.


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