Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Exploding Brains!

I'm on Aiming Low again today.  I swear I'm going to publish an epic post right here on my own blog.  Like tomorrow.  Or maybe Thursday.  Anyway, the one on Aiming Low is pretty okay, I think.  You should go over there and read it and leave lots of funny comments.  Here's the beginning...

If there's anything more potentially tiresome than a parent-blogger whining about their fussy children, it's one who gets all geeked about their perfectly normal developmental trajectory.  That's why I'm writing this with more than a little trepidation: not because I'm not excited about the subject matter--I am--but because I can't imagine being interested in anyone else's account of how their amazing little angels are growing up right before their very eyes.

And yet, I feel compelled to write about how my 18-month old twin girls have been blowing my mind lately by being perfectly normal examples of humans their age.

So as a service to you, gentle reader, in the interest of not boring or otherwise rubbing you the wrong way, I will say what I have to say in three different "voices," and you can enjoy the version most suited to your taste and try to forget the others.

Read more, and funnier...


  1. oh, they will continue to blow your brains.. the older they get, whoa, daddy, u are in for somethin... wait till they are in their 20's the fun begins then! LOL

  2. Yeah, this is my favorite blog now. I came across it somehow. Can't quite remember.


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