Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Most Attractive Couple in the Room

 I have a new post up at Aiming Low.   Don't be alarmed when you click on the "read more" link and wind up at a whole nother website. 

This is how it starts....

Over Halloween, I had one of those earth-shattering realizations that was probably completely obvious to anyone else who has ever bought a twenty dollar children’s costume from Amazon: we don’t dress our kids up primarily because they enjoy it, or even because we enjoy it.  We dress them up so that other people–especially total strangers–will squeal, “Oh my God that is so cuuuute!”

And the reason this is important is because it reflects well on us–partly as parents, but more importantly, as people with the ability to spew forth attractiveness from our crusty loins.



  1. Attractiveness spewing from crusty loins? Already I'm intrigued. Meet you over at Aiming Low.

  2. Thanks for the fair warning this time. Change is so hard for me.


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