Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Pen Pal

It's Thursday, so that means it's another day that I'm posting somewhere other than my own blog!  This time, I'm at the Studio 30+ Magazine.  I'm sure you know all about Studio 30+, but in case you don't, it's a great site for bloggers over 30 to hang out, chat, post stuff, make friends, participate in forums about blogging issues, etc.  It's a really valuable resource, and I've lured in a lot of readers from made a lot of friends there.  I highly recommend joining as one more way for you to "find your people."

And once you've signed up, you might as well vote in the "Boomerang Awards."  I think I may be nominated for something.  I don't know.  I don't really pay attention to things like that.  Because of all my humility and stuff.

I'll get to this damn post eventually, but first, a question and an announcement.

Question: Is it annoying when you come here and find that I'm making you go to another site to read what I wrote?

Announcement: I'll be posting even more of these link-posts, because I'm going to start writing for DadCentric in the very near future!  Like Monday-ish!

I'm sure you'll agree that I'm not overstating when I say DadCentric is the best group dadblog on Earth.

Ever see those gangster movies where a guy is a good worker for years and years, loyal to the Don, whacks guys efficiently, keeps his mouth shut, and then one day they take him for a secret ceremony where he gets "made"--accepted into the inner circle of the organization?  That's what's happening to me right now.  Actually, I don't know if I'm supposed to talk about this stuff.  Better shut up.

Anyway, stay tuned for links to my posts on DadCentric, which will probably be pretty much like what I do here, except maybe a little better because of the peer pressure. 


Here's the beginning of my Studio 30+ post (oh--you might not be able to leave comments over there if you're not a member, but I'll definitely read and cherish them if you post 'em here):

My Pen Pal

Because I’ve moved around a lot throughout my life, there aren’t many people that I’ve stayed really close to for a long time.  But there’s one guy that I’ve been good friends with since junior high (some thirty years ago), and even though we haven’t always kept in touch during the stretches when we’ve been separated, when we see each other, we pick up right where we left off, which was:

Him: You’re like, all stupid and shit.
Me: No…YOU’re all stupid and shit.

Let’s call my friend “Bill” because that’s his name and there’s no way in a million years he will ever read this, so I can say whatever I want about him.  The reason he’ll never read this is because it’s on the Internet, which he doesn’t much care for.  When it comes to technology, he’s ambivalent at best.  He’s okay with cars and household appliances, but there are certain things he shuns due to his odd mixture of romanticism and cynicism.

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  1. Answer: Only slightly. I still enjoy your writing enough to follow the link, so no worries.

    I really liked this post:

    1)Because it was funny.
    2)Because now I feel like I'm telling the truth when I say to my family, "I was not THAT bad when I was a teenager."

  2. Diet is a 4 letter word? I think the link is bad. Or the article took a quick turn for the "huh?"

    I'll go back and poke around a bit, don't you worry. I'll read that shiz if it's the last thing I do.

    Also, Dadcentric? JESUS H CHRISTO how the hell did you get everywhere??

  3. Oh. Heh. Turns out it's just a little scrolly scroll away. :)

  4. @OTO--Thanks, and I'm glad I can make you feel like you weren't such a bad kid!

    @Steamy--Yeah, the link was a little off. I fixed it. I think a lot of dadbloggers have been killed or abducted lately, so my stock has risen.

  5. My son just turned 17 yesterday. This post scares the shit out of me.

    In answer to your question, I will follow you to the end of blogosphere.

  6. ^ Was that weird? Because, I really didn't intend for it to be weird. I just meant that I enjoy reading your stuff, that's all!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Yeah, fine. I'll clickety-click whatever you post on here because I love reading what you write. But ya gotta post some pics of the kids, like the old days.

    I'm going to pray that my kiddos do not try to change drivers while driving, because our insurance rates will suck even more.

  9. Because I enjoy reading your stuff, I don't mind clicking on a link to see what you've written over there. This is just part of the deal when you like and follow a blogger.

    And since I read the start of your Pen Pal piece, and got hooked in, now I'll HAVE to go over there and read the rest.

    Congrats on the DadCentric stuff. That's a great site.

  10. @Kwilt--I would be scared too! Fortunately for you, I think I was a particularly reckless kid. Your boy probably has a lot more sense than I did.

    Also, NOT weird. Exactly what I wanted to hear.

    @Chem--Cool. I'll definitely be posting some gratuitous cuteness soon! Extra bonus exclusive cuteness for people who get to wherever I'm posting through this blog!

    @Fragrant--Thanks! I'm very stoked to be writing for DC!

  11. On the flip side, remember what happened to Joe Pesci in "Goodfellas".

  12. short answer no with an if, long answer yes with a but...

    I enjoy reading your articles, regardless of where they are published, but it does feel a little less intimate when you write for other people.

    I guess that is more about context - you write specific, stand alone content for the other sites, but you write random drivel, I mean interesting and informative posts about your life on this blog, which is appropriate I guess.

    I would just hope that by whoring yourself out to these other blogs, we don't miss out over here ;)

  13. @Jason--that's scary to read, coming from the Don.

    @Inertia--Thanks for the perspective. I think you are right on the money. I'll just try to find the right balance, I guess.

  14. Not really. Though I get annoyed that some of my favorite bloggers are always off blogging in other locations, and not at their own blogs. Ahem.

  15. Lol - i think the army enlisting story was the funniest for me.

    I think i'd be pretty upset with my friend if he bailed on me for something like that.

    Reminds me of a story when my childhood friend and I used to joke about going to the redlight district to find women (but really neither of us knew what that really meant since we were 12 at the time). After joking around for 10 minutes, we heard this faint clicking sound on the phone (as if someone was listening in on the conversation and decided to hang-up).

    5 seconds later his mother came storming into his room and gave him a big whooping. She then called my mother up 5 minutes later - doh!

  16. I wanted to vote for you for best mommy blogger, but those assholes (I mean - I love you, Studio 30!) don't accept write-ins.

  17. I see you already were Jackie Chan like.

    It reminds me of a high school classmate, Jimmy Snider. He missed our graduation ceremony, because he was busy being encased in a full body cast.

    Turns out the night before he was Jackie Chan-ing by moving between moving cars while speeding down the highway. (Didn't make the transition).

    He made a full recovery, but last year he fell from a bucket lift while working as a professional tree trimmer. Sadly Jimmy is no more. Pretty weird, but it's fair to say that Jimmy was a risk taker.

    I enjoyed your story. Is Bill still a carpenter?

  18. I have an old friend like this too. By the way, I would be careful being a made man, they busted a bunch of those

  19. this was great Andy. by the way, is this the same "Bill" who worked at the Mexican restaurant in Burke and was in your band? if so, what a small world. again.

  20. SOMETIMES it's annoying to have to go to another site, but once I start reading your stuff, it's pretty entertaining and makes it easy to click the link for more.

    No matter what anyone says, look at your web stats for the truth. TROOF!

  21. @Keely--Wait. So you don't mind the clicking so much, but the fact that I'm blogging elsewhere? See, that's the kind of answer one of my college girlfriends would give me to make me feel guilty and drive me insane.

    @Allan--Well, we never, like, shook on it or anything. We just sort of assumed that we would both join. Ah, friends. So good at getting you into trouble.

    @Sarah P.--That's bullshit! Next year I'll start campaigning early to get the nomination for best mommyblogger.

    @Sounds like Jimmy went doing what he loved--risking his life. I have grown much more cautious, thankfully.

    @Michelle--We'll never get busted. The internet cops are totally in our pockets.

    And yeah, Bill is still banging nails and tending his enormous vegetable garden instead of screwing around on the internet.

    @Tarisa--Holy crap! What a memory you have. I didn't even remember that you had met Bill. But yeah, that's the same guy. I think he was in a "band" (really more of a punk/noise collective) that I was in called "No Redeeming Social Value (abbreviated NSRV, incorrectly, incorrectly because we were anarchists), where no one was allowed to play an instrument that they had any experience playing.

    @Frank--I'm going to start embedding some inside jokes about stuff like "foot-nudging a duck" whenever I blog elsewhere, just so you don't ever feel abandoned.

  22. You're blowing up in fame. Just please remember all of us after you've made it big and eventually end up on Oprah.


Don't hold back.


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