Monday, January 24, 2011

The Unsustainable Cuteness Bubble and Resulting Photography Glut

Check it out: today I'm posting for the first time on DadCentric, the awesomest group dadblog ever.  Please read the excerpt, and then follow the link to what will soon be your favorite new hangout.  It's like being a fly on the wall in a locker room full of smart, funny dads.  I guess.  I don't really hang out in locker rooms, so I can't be sure. 


It should have been the happiest day of my parenting career.  I had just been tapped by Jason, the Don of DadCentric, to enter the inner circle of the most powerful group blog in the dad-o-sphere.  I was a made man.  The future was spread out before me in a pastiche of Scorcese-esque images: luxurious homes and automobiles, custom-made suits, diamond-encrusted chinchillas for my wife, and a small but swanky apartment for my brassy, psychotic mistress. And of course, only the best boarding schools for my 19 month-old twin girls.

But before plowing ahead with my new life, I had to get my proverbial house in order.  There were bills to pay, travel plans to be shuffled, long-time acquaintances to be snubbed, and tracks to be covered.  Fortunately, my wife takes care of all that shit.  All I needed to do was to back up the data on my iPhone.    
I had bought the phone back in August and blah blah blah boring blah exchanged phone blah blah didn't bother backing it up blah blah boring. So I plugged the phone into my ancient MacBook, and absentmindedly clicked on an option in the dropdown window that had the word "restore" in it, which, my wife later told me (repeatedly because I'm a slow learner), is a code word for "destroy everything you hold dear."



  1. Yes. Today, the boy becomes the man. Heading over to DadCentric to read your post, and start the hazing.

  2. The truth of the matter is that I don't even know what the hell we're supposed to do with all these pictures and videos.

    In my experience, you wait until your kids turn eighteen and are graduating. At that point you slap every one of those suckers onto a CD with transitional effects and cheesy theme music. If you get real fancy, you even group like pictures in themes and give the sections cute titles. Then you force twenty of your closest friends to sit in close proximity to each other and watch those pictures and videos for the next four hours until they start passing out or trying to gouge their eyeballs out. That has been my experience anyway.

  3. Heading over to check it out!

  4. Here we go again,on here to say I'm going over there.Honestly,the miles I put in to read your stuff.I may have to put in an expense claim...

  5. I thought I'd better put a couple of posts up to show willing(It's a long swim across The Atlantic you know)

    Nothing to do with me not noticing the show more comments button and thinking my initial post hadn't gone up.....

    Still,if you get paid by the word for each response then that's OK


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