Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hairmiliation: My 7th Grade Perm

I've got a post up at Aiming Low today, about how I, like so many others (mostly women) have a shameful history of early eighties home perms.  Here's the beginning:

Twin B, aka "Butterbean," is already long overdue for her sixth haircut.  Her older (by a minute), but less hairy sister has only had one trim during these first 19 months, and won't need another for quite a while.

All the haircuts so far have been performed deftly by Dr. Mom, whose keen eye and a steady hand have been able to prevent any medical or aesthetic disasters.  I mean, she's done brain surgery before, so this is really no big deal.

But still, whenever we set the kids down in the kitchen and start snipping, I can't help but think of all the humiliation I and countless other children have suffered at the hands of parents who think they are stylists.



And here's your bonus video of cuteness.  Remember, you're not allowed to watch this until after you've read the whole post at Aiming Low.


  1. Haha I have to hand it to you, you're one tenacious child. EVEN WITH THE PERM. Haha I had a natural fro when I was younger. I had my parents cut it all off, leaving me 5 months with a boyish haircut. That's ok because it made my hair "wavy" as your mom said. Your daughters are sooo cute by the way. I love your reaction when they sat down. Most Asian parents would've flared, but not you. (You're not Asian though are you?)

  2. Hahah sucker. Can't believe you let your mom talk you into that one...


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