Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How 'bout that awesome sports team?

 I'm posting at Aiming Low today, so please go check it out and tell me what a pansy I am for not loving football.


Man!  Was that a great game, or what?  Those [name of team]s really [phrase describing result of the contest]ed the [other team]'s ass!  I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.  And the commercials?  Hilarious! Those cheerleaders weren't too hard on the eyes either, right? *wink, wink*

And, oh, how the light beer and warm nacho cheesefoodproduct did flow, as my homies and I enjoyed the spectacle that was the Superbowl of American Football MXLIIIXXX! [confirm Roman numerals before publishing]

Yup...it was just me and my boys, hangin' out in the mancave: Dave-O, Jim-Jim, Lugnut, Hank, and Frankie "Dostoyevsky" Rizzo.  Dave-O showed up with a wheelbarrow full of hot dogs, and  Lugnut brought a pony keg on a real pony! This is gonna be the best time ever, I...I...
I'm sorry.  I...I just can't do this.


Here's a special exclusive video for Beta Dad readers only.  Screw those Aiming Low readers.

I'm training the kids so that next time they can build their own bikes.


  1. Will you ever just be posting on your own blog again? Sigh...I get blocked at work when I try to link over to the other stuff and, let's face it, reading your stuff is WAY more important that working!

  2. @Urban--Yeah, that's one of the few tasteful wooden toys the kids have.

    @Sarah P--supposedly.

    @Mel--See, I feel guilty about that. I swear I'll try to post here more often!

  3. I just left and award for you on my blog.

  4. Oh my gosh, every time I think your kids are the cutest thing ever, you go and post something like that! Adorable! I am so clucky right now.


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