Monday, February 14, 2011

I don't heart Valentine's Day

Here's an excerpt from my special DadCentric post for lovers on Valentine's Day...


On the long list of holidays I don't give a rat's ass about, Valentine's Day is up near the top.

It's hard to imagine anything more preposterous than designating one particular day on which we're all supposed to get smoochy and romantical with our current life-partners.  I mean, does anyone really feel special when they're treated to chocolates and erotic foot massages just because the calendar told their hapless boyfriend/girlfriend that today was the day they had to join the rest of the Western World in spontaneous gestures of romantic love?

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Here are a couple of photos from the Lunar New Year fair we went to over the weekend.  It was pretty low key as far as those things go, but fun, with lion dancers and the whole everything.  We met up with my Asian Mommies group for breakfast at a Hong Kong style cafe first, and then headed to the fair.  It was a big day for the kids, who are just barely recovering from a 2-week illness.  



  1. Aww, they look sad? or overwhelmed... BTW, I agree w/u on V.Day..When I worked in retail, the cosmetic and lingerie ladies would laugh cuz the men would come in w/'deer in the headlights' looking for anything and telling the sales lady they will buy anything... I worked in gift wrap and I saw the worst come out in people.. Nothing like being bribed w/$ to get their presents wrapped... such angry folks...I must say, that if people need to be reminded to show their appreciation what does that say about them?

  2. I know you hate the p word, but they really do look like Asian princesses.

  3. @Granny: lol phew thought it was the other 'p'

  4. I agree with Dadcentric, and so does my boyfriend (who doesn't celebrate ANY holiday, not even his birthday). However, I do feel lonely. I'm still in high school (while my significant other isn't), and so I'm around the ubiquitous puerile displays of love. Having been exposed to it for the past four years just makes me feel so damn depressed. Your kids look tired, but so darn cute!

  5. Insightful post. Similar sentiments on mine.

    Where's the love in synthetic (commercial) emotions for couples and making singles feel left out?

    It's a great day for florists.

  6. @KBF--I think they were mostly just tired. I think retail work probably gives you plenty of opportunity to see the worst in humanity.

    @ I know, I know...just don't ever tell them that.

    @Leila--Don't worry; everything after high school is better than high school. But not that much different.

    @Antares--Yeah, great for florists and card shops.

  7. You had me at "really big dog with emotional problems".

    retail work truly is the debil. Emphasis on the debbbbbil.

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  9. Ah yes, pure awesomeness. I've missed thee. :)


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