Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Hmm...


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I think having kids kind of focuses your thinking, even as it makes you into a hopeless scatterbrain.  Seems paradoxical, right?  Exactly.  Case in point.

I haven't been having many random thoughts lately, because I'm busy being pretty practical; at least when I'm not goofing around with my imaginary internet friendsActually, I'm even fairly practical when socializing all up in the social media.  As much as that is possible.   Again, paradoxical.  Or maybe not.

What I'm saying is that I no longer have time to daydream, because the tasks of parenting, while sometimes tedious, mostly require a good deal of the parent's attention.  At least that's how it works for me.

And I sleep so hard (and briefly) now that I don't lie around pondering stuff.  I rarely remember my dreams; and lately, the kids having been sick on and off for a month, I tend to wake up to the sound of wailing children before I even have a chance to start dreaming.

So essentially, the tedium of parenting has crushed my dreams.  

Wait.  That's not exactly where I was going with this.

I wanted to talk about language acquisition. 

Our 20-month-old twins are having the typical language explosion that toddlers their age experience.  I say "typical" just so you won't think that I think my kids are somehow special for figuring out a bunch of words.  I honestly don't think they are any better than any other children.  It's their parents who are the real geniuses.

So the words are coming fast and furious.  Nouns, verbs, and adjectives, mostly.  No adverbs to speak of.  Or articles.  The odd pronoun makes its way into their telegraphic sentences; but they don't really know how to use them properly yet.  I haven't heard any prepositions out of the kids either.

One thing I wasn't prepared for was how they would pick up on non-verbal language, especially of the audible type.  I could see them picking up body language from us and everyone else they see, but the thing that really blew me away recently--and I'm not sure why--was this:


It's the "hmmm..." that really floors me.  We were walking around the house the other day, looking for Cobra's precious stuffed dog, Puppy (unlike "Cobra," "Puppy" is the actual name of the critter), and without thinking, I was saying, "I wonder where he is...hmmm...." Well, danged if Cobra didn't start imitating me.  And pretty soon her sister, Butterbean, started doing the same.  Now, whenever I ask where anything is, there's a pretty good chance one or both of the kids will go, "hmmm..."

It's really cute now, but  I'm sure at some point they will learn to mock me with it: *nudge nudge* "Oh...look at Dad.  I wonder where he put his wallet? Hmmm...  Old scatterbrained fool."

So check it out: I've also got a post up at DadCentric.  It's about whether going outside is a good idea or not.  There are a bunch more cute videos there.  Here's how it starts: 

A while ago, I was whining on another group blog about what an ass-pain it is to take kids on out-of-town trips.  I still maintain that the benefits of exposing toddlers to a new environment that requires sleeping under a different roof barely outweigh the onus of hauling all of their equipment to that location.  Unless you're going to see Grandma, you might as well just go to the vacant lot down the street as take your kid across the county line.  I honestly believe that a two-year-old can't tell the difference between Chuck E. Cheese and Disneyland.  So they certainly wouldn't be any more impressed by Yosemite National Park than by the abandoned rock quarry just outside of town.

Despite the hassles of traveling with youngsters, I was reminded just yesterday of a very valuable and probably completely obvious lesson: it's almost always better to get the kids out of the house than to coop them up for long stretches of time.  I always assumed this was the case, and have hardly ever kept our twins at home all day since they were born 20 months ago.  But yesterday they seemed pretty tired, having been out late at a dinner party/playdate the night before.  In fact, they had done so much fun stuff the previous week that they were pretty run down.  Or maybe I was projecting my own state onto them.




  1. Oh good. I have seven months until my dreams die. Awesome. Thanks for that, Beta Dad.

  2. Hmmmm, I think they got u at both reasons...lol...hmmm that will keep u thinkin' won't it???Just hope they don't do that to u when they're teens.

  3. OMG I remember those brain dead sleeps at the end of a toddler full day....

    Happy RTT!

  4. Hmmmmm...they looked so adorable doing that. You are in big trouble Beta Dad. That cuteness is like Kryptonite for Dad's.

  5. My kid picked up the frustrated "Tcha!" noise that I make REALLY quickly. He's a bit of a prodigy as far as mocking his mother goes.

  6. I can't stand how cute the girls are!!! I want to pinch cheeks and tickle them and all that jazz.

    I'm sorry, were you writing about something. . .? Right! Got distracted by the cuteness again. Dang it.

    I had a similar reaction when Roo (about your girls' age)started saying "yeah" instead of yes. Something very human about that and less toddler monkey.

  7. My kids latest acquisition is "what the..." I hope he doesn't do that at school.

    By the way, did you comment on my blog today? I got a comment from a Beta Dad but the links went to blank blogs.

  8. Are your kids the cutest bubbas ever or what? hmmmm... yep!

  9. "What I'm saying is that I no longer have time to daydream, because the tasks of parenting, while sometimes tedious, mostly require a good deal of the parent's attention."

    This scares me Beta Dad. What on earth am I going to be like if I must be responsible and stuff? The world is scary.

  10. Sounds like you have your hands full, at least you aren't being chased by a bull.
    Love your pic at the top, really made me want to stop.
    enjoyable read as well, remember not to say hell.
    Or any of those other bad words, as they'll start dropping them like turds.
    Off I go, to chase a crow.

  11. "...it's almost always better to get the kids out of the house than to coop them up for long stretches of time"

    Oh God, yes. Anywhere, anywhere but not at home. Before you know where you are there's TV and after TV comes Hyperness and after Hyperness comes AARGH!

  12. Happy RTT. Just wanted to let you know you won the Joanie Leeds Cd on my giveaway. DM me @Seattledad with your mailing information and I will have it sent out to you.



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