Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DadCentric Post: What I Learned at the Mommyblogging Conference

All right, so check this out:

I just got back from this conference in New Orleans called Mom 2.0.  It was mostly about connecting bloggers and businesses and advertisers and stuff like that that makes me start getting dizzy and then sleepy when I hear about.  But I was on a panel about, more or less, gender issues in the parenting blogosphere.  The talk went really well, and was moderated by a brilliant woman named Catherine Connors who has a blog called Her Bad Mother. Plus, I met a bunch of my blogging heroes, and scores of people I had never heard of who I am going to start stalking online.

One of these days maybe I'll write about the serious stuff that came out of that panel discussion, but right now, I'm hella-tired from traveling first to Washington, DC with the kids, from there to New Orleans, partying like a mommyblogger all weekend, and then flying back to DC on Sunday, and finally home yesterday.

Anyway, please check out my piece on DadCentric about the conference.  And make sure you read the post that Whit Honea wrote about it too.  They're kind of companion pieces.

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  1. Dude. Never say "partying like a mommyblogger" again. Just kidding. I'm jealous.


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