Friday, April 1, 2011

New! All Vlogs, All The Time: Episode One

So here's the deal.  I'm getting totally burnt from writing for eighteen different group-blogs.  My writing muscles are shot.

This is my solution for the Beta Dad blog.  All vlogs, all the time.

Too many words already.  Word brainpart hurt now.

Pictures moving pretty with musics watching for enjoy!

(Oh, and don't forget to read my thing about Richard Simmons on MamaPop)


  1. It's marked private, couldn't watch.

  2. looks like the more talkative one got camera shy.... your quiet one is a trip and a half... my middle one was a combo of your two...omg.. goin' over to your other post.

  3. I kept waiting for one the kids to say "Just give up on the flippin' zoo, Dad!"

  4. So cute! Enjoyed the mutant ninja turtles and the look on the little one's face at the end...I get that way when I'm tired and people won't leave me alone! :-)

  5. I adore your girls! I would be their nanny, if I wasn't already working.

  6. I love how different they are!

  7. Those two are like baby crack. I watched all 4 minutes and 2 seconds, rapt.

    I have a desperate urge to video my son (I know I've said a thousand times that he's right about the girls' ages), and my own 3yo twins to show you how cute the four of them would all be together. That's just some odd mommy response to how cute your kids are. It's like my inner mommy is saying, "Hey now! Ours ain't no slouches."

  8. I love their little voices. I can't wait for my 14 month old to really talk. No, wait, I have 3 older kids that never shut up- who argue- who talk back - whose favorite topic of conversation is farting. On second thought, I can wait. I'll just enjoy your the language of your little ones for now.

  9. Hey,
    How do you like the baby support insert thingy? I am currently using the infant slings for the twins, but was thinking of changing to these. Did you use the infant sling, and if so, when did you switch?

    My twins are only ~7 months, so they are not behind the bike yet...


  10. Terribly cute. I think the zoo was just a ruse to get a bike ride, though.

  11. Haha! Looked like a great day out.

  12. @KBF--There's no telling how those kids are gonna react to having a camera in their face!

    @AH&U--There will be no exceptions to the regular schedule of zoo visits!

    @The Schweitzers--Thanks! So far the kids have been pretty civil upon waking up.

    @Pre-med--Well, let me know if you quit your day job.

    @Andygirl--I love it too! They really have very little in common.

    @Nicole--I'm sure yours are, you know, fairly cute or whatever too. Not that it's a competition. (It is.)

    @A Cappelli--The language acquisition never ceases to blow my mind.

    @Inertia--The bolsters work really well. We never got the slings because we didn't use the Chariot until the girls were a year old. We still use the head support part, even though the kids don't technically need them. To me, that makes more sense than making them wear helmets, which would make it really hard for them to sit comfortably. I fully recommend the bolster support thingy.

    @Jenni--Yeah, getting a bike ride in is definitely a big reason for going to the zoo.

    @Out of Sync--It was one of many great days out!

  13. These kids are freaking adorable. However, I'm pretty sure during some parts Cobra is just about to kick your ass. Probably why you turned off the camera.

  14. The kiddos are so cute. Looks like you guys had a blast at the zoo.

  15. Hahaa the cranky I-just-had-a-nap face!!! So perfect!

    I love your vlogs as much as I love your writing. And seeing your zoo adventures makes me want to move back to San Diego even more! Dammit.


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