Friday, April 29, 2011

Video: Gardening with Kids

We started a little vegetable garden about a month ago.  I hadn't really done anything with the back yard since it was decimated by the addition I built (not that the back yard was ever anything to get excited about in the first place).

I tore out some of the remnants of the old "landscaping," and built a couple raised beds out of redwood, based on a design I poached off of the Fine Homebuilding website or somewhere, and removed the terraced beds where we used to grow tomatoes alongside the fence we share with our neighbor.  I've planted a few trees near the fence, and plan to plant a bunch more to create some privacy, which is a nice way of saying "I don't want to have to look at his post-apocalyptic feral yard any more."

The kids are really into watering the plants, and I hope to get them involved in some more skilled tasks as needed, like weeding and later harvesting.  Right now, they like to dig up mulch and throw it on top of the plants.  They also try to eat the tiny green tomatoes that have started appearing.  And they've eaten all of the parsley we have in planter boxes full of herbs up on the deck.  They find the rosemary, basil, and oregano disagreeable.

By next year, I'm hoping to have foisted all of the yardwork off onto the twins.

Here's a little movie showing the progress of the garden so far:

Also, I've got a post over at Aiming Low today, but it doesn't go live until 12:00 EST.  I make fun of mommybloggers, with lots of love, of course.  You should probably read it.


  1. How about radishes, carrots, lettuce? Those are so easy to grow...GARLIC!. Root veggies are the easiest...BTW I love the old brick and yes, I think u did it right.. Love your raised planters... dang, u r industrious. My grandpa would put up pie tins to clang in the breeze to keep the birds away from attacking the plants..

  2. "Right now, they like to dig up mulch and throw it on top of the plants. They also try to eat the tiny green tomatoes that have started appearing." Wait, are these two things not good to do? Damn, I wish you had taught me to garden...

  3. First, your twins are freakin' adorable. Second, your garden looks way better than mine. Nice work on the raised beds. I think you must be doing something right. Maybe it's all the dog poop.

  4. @KBF--Whoa! I'm just getting started here. The veggies are going pretty well though. We might expand soon.

    @Doc C--I don't know if those are bad things. The garden seems to be flourishing.

    @Debi--Thanks! I forgot to mention that I mixed a bunch of worm poop (about 2 years of worm composting collections) in with the soil. That's might even be better than dog poop.

  5. @Beta: ok, but the ones I mentioned are so darn easy and they grow fast.. omg- radishes, when we planted those, they definitely came out spicier than the store bought. lol

  6. The world's most fortunate children, for sure!

  7. "By next year, I'm hoping to have foisted all of the yardwork off onto the twins." Isn't that what kids are for? Someone else to do the yardwork? The earlier the better we say! My husband asked me when my daughter turned 2, so...when can I get her started on the lawn mowing?


  8. I'm super jealous. I wish I were capable of building those raised beds. That and not being the human equivalent of napalm when it comes to stuff that grows in dirt.

    The girls are amazing. So fun to watch.

  9. This is what I miss the most from our old place. Where we live now we have no yard. My wife loves gardening and, considering how much more economical it is, I have no problem growing some of my own food. Can't wait to have that as an option again.

  10. Nice stuff. We're trying a vegetable garden out with the kids for the first time this year. We mostly did tomatoes and herbs in containers before. Also, they are damn cute.

  11. Just read this post and I'm still laughing... So true.

  12. Love the snappy tune in the background. You are so great with the girls.


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