Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gardening, Childhood Memory, McMansions, The Dreaded Second Birthday Party

We've been doing a lot of gardening lately.  We've got seven different kinds of heirloom tomatoes, three different kinds of cucumbers, a mess of zucchini, and a ton of scalloped squash.  The criteria for deciding which crops to grow were that they had to be high-yield, low-maintenance, and something we would actually eat.  There's not a whole lot of room to grow stuff--just the raised beds I build a little more than a month ago--but the produce is really taking off!  

I think the combination of raised beds and the magic of worm compost is making the difference.  We've had pretty decent vegetable gardens in the past, but they often got weed-choked and eaten by bugs and other critters.  Of course, it could partly be that since it's become a regular activity with the kids, we pay more attention to the garden.

We harvested the first batch of peas the other day, and the kids ate every single one of them.  They would pick a little basket full, devour them, and then go back for more.  I wish I would have planted more peas.  Now they're hard to get.  I guess you're supposed to plant them in the winter or early spring.

So here's what the pea feast looked like:


I've got a post up today at Aiming Low, about how much I'm dreading the party for the kids' second birthday.  I just know they'll get inundated with Disney Princess paraphernalia, and become impossible to live with.  Here's a link to the post: Pessimistic Party Planning.

I also have a couple of posts up at Parentables, the TLC parenting site, where I just started writing.  You probably already read the one about non-traditional families, or boycotted it to protest my terrible self-promoting.  If not, there's a link below, as well as links to the other things I've written there this week.

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  1. 2nd attempt.

    Grrr,blogger still playing up.

    We treated ourselves to a greenhouse this year,so we've got various fruits and vegetables on the go.None of which we've killed off (yet).

    The girls have enjoyed helping out.Sowing,planting,watering,eating.We're not quite up to Percy Thrower standards yet,but we're getting there.

    I'll have a look at Aiming Low tomorrow a.m (my time) as by the time it goes up I'll be taking the dog out for his final walk before treating Mrs Jack to my finest 8 hour nasal symphony.

  2. Dude, u have a green thumb!. Bottle those girls up and keep them at that age...

  3. The white spots on your zucchini could be from over-watering. Although their are lots of other possible causes.

  4. I agree with the above commenter. They're simply adorable at that age. The kids, not the peas. But the peas look great too.

  5. I really WANT to have a garden with actual food...but then I look at my flower beds and the weedfest that's ensued since we've had a lot of rain and I'm totally demotivated.

  6. @jack--sorry about stupid blogger. Hey--a greenhouse sounds like a fun project. Of course, we don't have room for one. And, of course, we don't really need one since we have sun year round. Still sounds fun though.

    @KBF--I wish I could keep 'em like this. On the other hand, some people claim there will be even more cuteness in the future.

    @Anon--I asked a few people about it, and got a few different theories, all of which ended with the advice to tear it out and plant a new one. But then I looked at the tag and saw that the leaves are supposed to look that way! The plant seems totally healthy; just looks a little weird.

    @Dr.C--I will immortalize this age in thousands of hours of videotape. Don't worry about that.

    @IzzyMom--I have never been this motivated before. It's mostly because it's something the kids like to do.

  7. Am. Mesmerized. By. Cuteness...

  8. This is great that your garden is doing so well! We wanted to do raised beds this year, but things just didn't cooperate with regard to budget and timing.

  9. @Mel--I walk around all day similarly mesmerized!

    @FRP--Depending on where you are, you can set up a winter garden. I wish I had started mine earlier so I could have grown lettuce and stuff. Anyway, there's always next spring!

  10. I love the way your daughter isn't buying that Mommy isn't up there because you keep talking about giving Mommy peas and she wants to, badly, now.
    Funny how when you see it on video you realize the language learning is going on ALL the time and how natural those one, two, and three word conversations flow.


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