Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Biker Chicks and Dog Wagon Rides

 Photos by one of my many talented sisters-in-law

Cobra on her homemade trike

Butterbean gazing into the horizon

The twins and their cousin

Loaded up in the dogwagon

Stella pulling her wagon



  1. The first couple of photos the girls look a bit cold- nose is pinky... mine gets like that when its damp out.
    love the other candid photos.. hope u frame them...especially the profile ones- awesome..

  2. cutest pictures EVER! and those trikes are ridiculously cute too.

  3. I concur...the twins ARE super cute. AND super squishable. (I always have this urge to squeeeeze cute things. I'm seeking help for it).

  4. I swear that little plastic giraffe thing is following me. It shows up on amazon every time I visit. And in emails. AND IN MY DREAMS.

  5. @KBF--There was a bit of a sea breeze that morning.

    @Muskrat--Thanks! Wish I could take credit for the pictures. The best I can do is claim 1/2 of their genetic makeup.

    @Andygirl--I agree x2!


    @IzzyMom--Those girls get squished a lot! Sometimes they see me coming and go, "No squish! No squish." But to no avail.

    @Elly Lou--You mean you don't have one yet? You will. Mark my words.

  6. you made those trikes!?! you're like some kind of renaissace man. is there anything you can't do?

    beautiful shots, too.


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