Friday, June 10, 2011

Me on Aiming Low: Children and Loss

Hey!  Got a little something up on Aiming Low this morning.  It's all deep and powerful, so approach with caution and some hankies.  It starts like this:

  Helping Children Cope with Loss

It’s something none of us, as parents, can ever be fully prepared for: the loss of a child’s loved one.  It’s gut-wrenching at any age, but for toddlers who are just making sense of the world around them and the relationships in which they’re involved–and just learning how to use language to process that information–there is a unique set of problems parents must confront when grappling with how to comfort bereaving children and how to usher them through a journey of grief.

Last week was a difficult one for our two children, especially Twin A, aka Cobra. Both kids suffered the loss of two special friends.  Both girls were shaken, but little Cobra took it particularly hard.  Even though Green Balloon technically belonged to Cobra’s sister, Butterbean, it was Cobra who invoked its name constantly for days after the accidental popping.
So, when Cobra lost Mimi, her silky/fuzzy blanket with the little tabs around the perimeter later that week, it should have been no surprise to us that her grief was profound and she was not going to be easily distracted from it.

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Here's a bonus video featuring the kids shrieking at each other.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!


  1. That was a great story, man. I'm glad you guys found Mimi.

  2. Not been over to Aiming Low for a while.

    Think I'll take a stroll over.

  3. BD, I think you may need to take advantage of Etsy. There are about a gazillion blanket makers out there and about half of them make ribbon lovies. If you send them a picture of Mimi, I'm guessing they can make a duplicate. But...if she's anything like my kids, they'll know the difference instantly. Do they make a 'mustly old blanket' perfume? Maybe that would help (especially with stinky pinky).

  4. I'm going to head over to the jump and read the rest of the story, but I had to watch the video and while I didn't have any audio on cause I'm at work the physical comedy was It reminds me of my sister, just last week...while we were in high chairs and our sippy cups were filled with margaritas, but that's another story for another time. Great video!

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