Friday, June 24, 2011

Me at Aiming Low: Father's Day Recap

Got a little something up at Aiming Low today.  Maybe you'll like it.  Who knows?  Anyway, it starts like this:

Father's Day Recap
Last Sunday was, as you have probably completely forgotten by now, Father's Day.  I really wanted to write something here at Aiming Low to give a shout out to dads and people who have, or had, or maybe have a thing for them.  After all, nearly half the parents in this country are fathers, and fully 78 percent of them are aware that they have children!

Having been a father myself for almost two years now, I've taken a great interest in the holiday, studied its historical roots and socio-political implications, and had hoped to share some of my insights as to its significance with the esteemed Aiming Low readers.  Unfortunately I had been under the impression that it was in August; so by the time I realized that was not the case, it was too late to put a post together in time.

Father's Day, it turns out, is tomorrow.  Okay. Not tomorrow tomorrow.  Tomorrow for me, right this minute, which is approximately a week ago to you, reading this now.  Provided you are reading it on the day it was published.  Still don't get it?  Really?

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  1. I wonder if or what I will get for my first Fathers day next year? I'm guessing by then booze will probably be a good call.


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