Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Me on Aiming Low: Buried Alive!

I have a new post on Aiming Low, about how I'm not to crazy about the idea of being confined in tiny places, but really it's no big deal.

I'm Not Claustrophobic and I'M NOT FREAKING OUT 

Me in the Cu-Chi Tunnels, totally not freaking out
I have a friend who is a caver.  That doesn’t mean that he gives in easily; it means that he crawls around in caves for fun.  He has explained to me numerous times the difference between caving and spelunking, but I always forget what it is.  Actually, I just looked up an article that explains the difference, and the act of reading about it alone made my chest tighten up a little bit.

My friend will tell you that sometimes he’ll go through passages in caves that are so narrow they require him to take his boots off to get through.  Passages like this are also too small to back out of.  There has to be an exit on the other side or he’s stuck fifty feet underground, unable to move.  Again, writing this is making it a little hard for me to breathe.

I recently attended a lecture about avalanche safety (I’m a skier who likes to go off-piste a lot) by a guy who had been buried in one and was miraculously rescued.  Hearing his story almost gave me a panic attack.

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I also wrote a couple things in TLC Parentables:

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  1. I needed to take an Ativan just to get through your post! *shudder*

    I almost had an MRI once. Almost. I became so manic that I had to be removed from the tube and I never looked back. I'll probably perish due to whatever undiagnosed issue I was getting an MRI for in the first place, but anything is better than tight spaces!


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