Friday, August 26, 2011

Babbio's Coming!

That's what I've been hearing all week. 

Butterbean: Babbio's coming!

Cobra: Babbio!

Both: Bab-bi-o! Bab-bi-o!

Me: Wait.  Who's coming?

Both: Babbio!

Me: And when is he coming?

Butterbean: Satooday!

Cobra: Fai-day!

Me: So, like, sometime late Friday, or maybe early Saturday?  Is that what you're telling me?

Butterbean: I talk about--BABBIO!

Cobra: Bab-bi-o!
If anyone can tell me who the eff Babbio is and what I can expect of him as a houseguest, I'll give you a dollar.

My best guess is that these kids are budding absurdists, and Babbio is their Godot.  He also may be Fabio's second cousin.

I made some other things on the interwebs this week.  I will list them in their order of interestingness, "1" being "mind-blowing," and "5" being "meh."

  1. National Undead Defense Association to Sue Hollywood, Internet, Publishers and You.  Some silliness on Insert Eyeroll, a website devoted to silliness.
  2. Wordless Wednesday: Should I Invest in a Rental Property?  A photo essay without the essay part on DadCentric.  The answer, by the way, is no.  Unless you want to buy mine, which has a lot of potential.
  3. 3 Reasons to Love iMovie for iPhone.  I guest-blogged on Cool Mom Tech (companion site to Cool Mom Picks) about an app I love.
  4. Something Something Coconut Water.  On TLC Parentables.  Features a cute picture of the twins.
  5. Blah Blah Stay-at-Home Moms Depressed Blah Blah Stay-at-Home Dads.  On TLC Parentables.
  6. ADHD Yadda Yadda Mexicans.  On TLC Parentables


  1. could she mean Fabio??? lol.. or what is grandma/grandpa in Vietnamese? just googled Babbio,_Jr.
    they must know somethin' u don't know! lol

  2. Have they been listening to Kimaya Dawson? Are you sure they didn't mean "Bobby-o"?

    Bobby-O, Bobby-O
    skinny younger brother of Fabio
    Rode his horse down to Mexico
    Oh, Bobby-O!

    His horse's name was Rambo
    But Rambo was really slow
    How slow was he? He wouldn't go
    Oh, Bobby-O!

    He got a job down in Mexico
    teaching water aerobics in a sombrero
    all the old ladies sure thought he was a pro
    doing jumping jacks in his pink Speedo
    Oh, Bobby-O!

    Well he did something naughty
    What it was we'll never know
    But the hotel owner said, "Man you gotta go
    Pack your bathing suit and don't forget Rambo"
    Oh, Bobby-O!

    Bobby-O! Bobby-O!
    Skinny younger brother of Fabio
    Rode his horse down to Mexico
    Oh, Bobby-O! Oh, Bobby-O!
    Oh, oh, oh, oh Bobby-O!

  3. @KBF--Oh, they know all kinds of stuff that I don't! I don't think there are any Vietnamese words that sound like Babbio.

    @Amy--That's hilarious! They could have been listening to her at a friend's house. I'll have to check that song out.

    @Frank--Frank? I thought you was dead! Anyway, I suppose it could be Mario.

  4. You may need to talk to the wife. Babbio sounds a while lot like baby to me. Just saying.

  5. Ooo, ooo! A contest! I want that dollar! I'm guessing that they have some kind of invisible baby brother friend who is only seen by them. Let me know if I win and I'll email you my address.

  6. Nah, not dead, man. Just dead tired with the boy getting bigger and more active. But believe it or not, I always read your stuff. Just from the smart phone, usually, where I really hate typing.

  7. I think Barbara Walters is coming over for some SAHD segment for The View.


  8. This story reminds me of... when my daughter was about B&C's age, every day when her dad got home she'd run up to him and say "Da Mayman came today... I love the mayman!!" After a few days, we figured out she was saying mailman. And then for the NEXT few days my husband kept giving me the strangest look. Finally, he broke down over dinner one night and said, "I really need to know how well she knows the mailman. Why does she love him? Has he been in the house?"
    I think he was kidding. I explained that he drives a truck, he gets to put stuff in our mailbox... that's rock star stuff for toddlers.

    Of course, it doesn't help that our mailman looks like a cross between Benjamin Bratt and Andy Garcia. FTR, he's never been to the house or in it. I feel the need to clarify now.

  9. @Faiqa--Our mail delivery often gets a different kind of reaction, depending on the mood of the kids. The mail carrier clanks around with the mail box, the dog goes apeshit, I yell at the dogs, the kids scream bloody murder and sprint over to me, clinging to my legs for their very life.

    Also, it's weird that your kids look kind of like a cross between you, Benjamin Bratt, and Andy Garcia.


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