Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Don't Let My Mustache Be in Vain

We just got back from a trip to Virginia for my wife's youngest brother's wedding, so there's all kinds of stuff to report.  Later.  After all my talented relatives send me beautiful pictures I can post, and I get a little sleep.

This post is all about the current swath of humiliation just barely covering my upper lip.

That's right, I'm attempting a mustache again.  I have essentially the same misgivings that I did last year, but I'm determined to stick it out this time.  It should be easier this go 'round, because I'm part of a big team/support network (I think we even have a hotline to call in case we find ourselves in the bathroom with a razor at 3:00 a.m.). There are about 60 of us at last count, mostly dadbloggers, and we have the catchy team name "Dad 2.0 / Man of the House / NYC Dads Group / DadCentric / DadLabs." 

It's only Day 8 of "Movember" and we've already raised over $5,000 to help fight prostate and testicular cancer.  I say "we," but as of this writing, I have not raised a nickel.  I've been a terrible fundraiser.

Okay, so what the hell am I talking about anyway?

Movember is this month-long event during which thousands of men grow mustaches to become "walking billboards" for prevention of prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.  Read more at the Movember "about" page

It's a brilliant idea.  Because, unless you're a cop, if you grow a mustache, people you associate with regularly are going to ask you about it.  And I've even found myself explaining its presence to people I just met, although--or perhaps because--they might think I'm the kind of guy who would normally wear a mustache.  Which I might become, depending on the feedback I get.  But the point is, it's hard not to talk about it, so it kind of forces you to spread the word.  Ingenious.  

I suspect that I'll be writing about my mustache experience quite a bit in the next three weeks, because it's the most interesting new weirdness in my life right now.  For instance, during my twelve hours of being in planes and airports today, I realized that I was noticing all the other mustachioed dudes around and kind of giving them knowing looks, like we were in the same club.  Thinking about that sent my mind spiraling in quadruple helices regarding the implications therein.

But for now, just the important info.

Please donate whatever you can to my Movember page (it's under my other name, "Andy Hinds"--you'll recognize the picture). All the proceeds go to either programs directed by Movember, or their partners, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG.


I was really relieved that my kids weren't freaked out by the 'stache.  In fact, they find it funny.


  1. Nice moustache BD (extra "O" in it over here)

    Just one question,why aren't you going for the Lemmy?

  2. What seems to be the problem officer?

  3. do guys who normally wear 'taches find this whole movember thing offensive?

  4. Be careful with that moustache at that park you go to, dude.

  5. @Jack--Because I'm so worldly, I tried to spell it with the extra "o" in an email. I was on my iPhone, and the auto correct changed it to "moist ache." Gave a whole different meaning to the message. If my fireman mustache works out, I may double down and go for a Lemmy.

    @Muskrat--Thanks, man. You too.

    @The Holmes--You mind opening your trunk for me, son?

    @trout--That's a good question. I don't think those guys have the internet, so they probably haven't heard about it.

    @Frank--I'm going to wear a bandit mask to cover it up when I go to the park.

  6. @Uncool--I'm actually directing this one!

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