Friday, December 16, 2011

Bouncy Bouncy

The kids have been doing their fair share of driving me nuts lately, in the classic ways two-year-olds do: freaking out over inconsequential things, impeding progress of any activity with their dawdling, being fussy, being stubborn, refusing to sleep, refusing to eat, fighting with each other, whining, and so on.

But about half the time, they're doing stuff like this, so I can handle their cussedness.


Transcript of Video (I wanted to do subtitles, but that's hard.)

Both: [jumping on bed] Wild wild West, wild wild West [song from an Elmo video]

Butterbean: That's fun...that's fun...

Cobra: Where's the bouncy book?  I can read it.

Butterbean: Can I read it?  Can you read it? And I can bounce?

Cobra: Yes...on that book...yes...

Butterbean: No...I don't...that's not a bouncy book.

Cobra: This one...there's a walrus.

Butterbean: Where's the bouncy book?  Daddy?  Where's the [snatches book from Dad]...[to Cobra] can you read this?
Cobra: [points at picture of monkey] That's Daddy right here!

Dad: Here's the bouncy book.  Sissy's got the bouncy book.

Butterbean: You wanna read this?  You wanna read this?  This is the bouncy book.

Cobra:  Singing all la la
              Running round and round
              Bouncy, bouncy
              All fall down!

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  1. Did Butterbean call Cobra "Maggie"? When u gave her the bouncy book she asked "Maggie, can u read this?"
    Btw, have they started finishing each other's thoughts? its obvious they are close. I've always liked that about twins...
    Also, cool purple walls!.:-)

  2. I love/loathe my 2yo about now. His greatest accomplishment to date is coloring in crayon on the basement steps and being so cute and proud when he showed it to me that I didn't send him to an orphanage.

  3. You realize that the intro to "Monkey Man" has The Specials shouting out that "This one is for the bouncers...." So this should definitely be your theme song.

  4. There are days when I would thoroughly enjoy doing nothing more than bouncing on a bed and reading bouncy books. I envy them.

  5. Hey, did we send you that bouncy book? (It was one of our favorites.) I am glad that you all love it as much as we do/did (the kids haven't done much of the bouncy, bouncy thing as much lately.)
    Jocelyn in C'ville

    1. You might have. I don't remember how we ended up with it, but I don't think we bought it. The kids still love it, as you can see.


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