Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Me at Aiming Low: "From Hell's Heart I Stab at Thee"

Like many modern parents, I worry that my children's lives are too easy. We live in a kids' paradise here in San Diego, and if we ever had to move to someplace harsh and isolated like, say, San Francisco, they'd probably wither up like hothouse flowers.

That's why, when the opportunity arose, I figured it would be a good time to take my two-and-a-half year old twin girls on a whale hunt. What could toughen them up more quickly than being involved in an epic battle with a leviathan on the high seas?

I was disappointed as we boarded the whaling ship to find that accommodations were not nearly as spartan as I had hoped. There were comfortable benches on the top deck, and cushy chairs and tables on the lower two. I had looked forward to a diet of salt-pork and rum during our voyage, but it seemed that corndogs and margaritas were the staples of the galley.

Nor were our fellow sailors the salty characters I had hoped would thicken the hides of my delicate children. Rather, they appeared to be mostly rank landlubbers, stumbling around the deck with their cameras and nachos, taking pictures of one another in decidedly un-seamanlike poses.

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Here are some photos we snapped of our adventure.  All taken post-seasickness

Seals hanging out on buoy. Maybe they're sea lions. Who knows?

Cobra zipping me up

The many moods of Butterbean

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Not too bad for an iPhone shot, eh?


  1. OOps, the link isn't working or blogger is still asleep.. anywho, it seems as tho your expectations went awry... but, it looks as if your kids had fun? and that's what's important.. my husband was like you- i guess u two remember of how things are when you were young... the thought of nachos and margaritas on a boat doesn't sound too good.. i can imagine the hurling of nachos on the deck...

    1. Fixed the link! And, yeah, they had fun. Eventually.

  2. Great post over at AL. It reminds me of the time I wanted to take my kids on a real wild life safari but it ended up just being a trip to Pet Smart to get cat litter.

    1. The pet store is a great adventure. I've been meaning to write a post about our trip to Disneyland, which went fairly smoothly, but was still a challenge. The thing is, they would have had just as much fun going to Costco, Home Depot, and the playground.

  3. Good on you for taking 2.5-year old twins out whale watching. My girls are the same age and I would dare do it. I’m thinking that bringing them out on the quite waters of Long Island’s Great South Bay this summer might be a challenge in and of itself. But I agree, there’s nothing better than seeing your kids puke and rally only to enjoy themselves in the adventure!


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