Wednesday, May 30, 2012

He's Hip, He's Cool, He's 45

Everything is happening just as I had feared it would.

The kids are growing up way too fast, and I'm getting old as hell.

My wife got a call last week that seemed like it might change everything.  The preschool run by the Very Large State University where I used to teach called to tell her that there were two spots for our girls, who are not quite three years old.  The openings were available starting the first week of June, and if we didn't act now, we would probably not be offered them again this fall.

The VLSU preschool had been a longshot.  It's a very popular program, and they offer a certain number of spots to children of college students, a certain number to children of faculty, and a certain number to regular old community members.

We had already more or less resolved to send them to a different preschool that the kids liked, that some of their friends would be attending, and that we were pretty okay with.  There was some Jesus-talk happening at the school, which gave us pause; but everyone assured us that they only preached the lovey-dovey hippie Jesus stuff, not the "don't be gay or believe in evolution" kind.  So we were cool with it.  That school was going to start up in September.

But then we got the call.  And I started trying to prepare myself.  The kids would be spending two entire days per week with some really nice strangers in a really nice, cheery, light-filled, strange building, and a lovely, state-of-the-art outdoor area with vegetable gardens and beautiful playground equipment that was totally foreign to them.

And during this time, I would do...what, exactly?

But then I got another call from the VLSU preschool.  There had been a misunderstanding. I had been faculty when we put the kids on the waiting list.  The two available spots were for kids of faculty.  I was no longer faculty.  She would see what she could do, but it didn't look good.

Oh, well.  At least I could avoid thinking about what I was going to do with my life for another couple months.

Then another phone call.  They shuffled some things around, and our kids are once again welcome to attend the school! Starting next Tuesday!  Yay!

It really does seem like the best school for them.  We love pretty much everything about it.  It's just starts next week.  I'm pretty sure the kids are ready for it.  And my wife is ready for it.  I still have some stuff to work out.  In the next six days.


Meanwhile, it's my birthday today.  I wish I were as cool as this guy:


  1. Oh brother. Good luck to you. I suggest baggy pants, rye whiskey, and a lot of mumbling an d humming to yourself. My boy starts in sept. and I've been dreading it since februar

    1. Pleated pants, right? And should I pull them up to my neck?

  2. Happy Birthday BD. Enjoy the glue factory. Let the soggy tears of grown up children and aching backs BEGIN.

  3. You are that cool.

  4. *GULP*
    It's so hard to let them go into the world. Without a parent. They will love it and, eventually, so will you.
    Happy birthday!

  5. Think of the writing/bike riding/home improvement/other random shit you could get done during those two days!?

    It's scary as hell but it's good for the Twins to be on their own a little too!

  6. Happy birthday bud! You are still pretty cool in my book =)

  7. Oh man, my four year old started preschool last fall. I could not believe what a gut wrenching experience it was dropping him off on that first day. Of course now it's no big deal, but prepare yourself.

    Happy Birthday!

  8. That's like the hardest start planning how you'll fill your time, then to have it yanked away, then to start planning again. Especially when you're unsure whether the free time is worth it in the first place (it probably is). Good luck!

  9. Letting go of my twins was the hardest thing I have ever done, seeing them go into the play ground and have very little remorse for me their mum, who had nurtured and cared for them sinse birth, fed them every meal changed every nappy, read them every night time story, & now this pre school thing where they didn't seem to have a care in the world, I thought at least they would miss me for at least one morning but nope! typical ruddy typical. I just just know what I am to do with my time, morning TV - DOES NOTHING FOR ME! so I guess its down to the baking supply shop and library to grab a few tear jerker novels to see me through till home time..

    Children who would have them hay?

    Kind Regards

    Lisa Mills
    A very Bored Mum & Housewife

  10. 1. Happy B-Day you ol' dog!
    2. Grats on getting the kids into a great school -- my friends with older children tell me that entire process is nerve racking and sometimes hellish.
    3. The simple fact that you are a Kids In The Hall fan means you are eternally cool. Don't forget it!

  11. Too funny. My wife and I just took Justin for his orientation to Kindergarten. The two of us were panicking. We kept thinking "we're too young to be this old!"

    And, I agree with Dr. Cynicism. If you're linking in Kids in the're still cool.

  12. After that clip, I'm now officially looking forward to my next birthday.

  13. Happy belated! Thanks for sharing one of my countries greatest skit shows! Those guys reigned over Canada for a long time!

  14. I sent my 18 month old off to nursery and it is really, really hard, and there are still days where I have to be mopped up after leaving him. It doesn't help that he hasn't settled all that well, but it does get easier as time goes on- promise!


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