Monday, October 1, 2012

Rampage Week

Last week was pretty exciting for me, because of a couple weird flukes.

In between building a deck and doing the usual dad stuff, I made a TV appearance and got a piece published on The Daily Beast.

Early in the week, I found out that this dad blogger I kind of know, in an internet sense, was getting all kinds of international notoriety for announcing on his blog at that he favors one of his kids over the other.  The "story" kept feeding on itself: The more people gave him opportunities to back off of what was originally almost an offhand comment, the more he dug his heels in and insisted that it was fine to have a favorite kid, and to admit it publicly.  I saw him humblebragging about his fame on Twitter and made a snide comment.  My buddies at HLN saw the tweet and were like, "Hey--you're our go-to dad blogger, and you seem to have something to say about this controversy.  Can you do a skype interview in like 2 hours?"

So I did.  My buddy, who's a videographer, rushed over with some lights and helped me set up my laptop so I didn't look like a bloated version of Two-Face, as I had in my other HLN interviews.  Then he kept the kids and dog distracted while I bashed this other dad blogger on national TV.  The segment came out pretty well.  I must really like criticizing other people, because I was smiling and laughing instead of being Grumpy Robot.

Here are the answers to questions a few people have asked me after watching the segment: Yes, that's really what the playroom looked like when my friend came over to set up the lights.  He suggested we include the toy-splosion in the shot.  And no, there's not a stain on my shirt.  It's a really awesome dragon design. 

I did a little write-up about the stupid controversy, and why I got involved, on DadCentric.  There's a link to the video on that post.  Or you can just watch it here.

The way I ended up getting my story onto The Daily Beast was equally fortuitous.  Last year, I responded to a survey on about families where the wife makes more money than the husband.  That turned into an email exchange with the author of the survey, which led to a phone interview, which was to possibly be used in a future story.  I didn't hear from the author for a year, so I figured she wasn't going to use the interview.  But then she published a book, called The End of Men, about how we men are having our lunches eaten by women and how we suck at adapting to the new gender landscape.  I appeared in the book, and not in a very flattering or accurate light.  So I pitched my response to the book to a few different editors, and the people from The Daily Beast liked it!

The editor I worked with was great, and made me realize that I need a great editor all the time.  He got rid of about a quarter of what I had written, re-jiggered some stuff, and made the piece much better.  Anyway, here it is.  Please to enjoy.

And if you're not sick of me by now, here's a column I wrote for my neighborhood paper, wherein I discuss being a square parent in one of America's "hippest hipster neighborhoods" (according to  I think it's not too bad.



  1. Nice. You are approaching Single Dad Laughing levels of ubiquitousness now.

  2. No good comes from announcing one's favorite child...Some folks just never learned the word 'filter'.. All I gotta say is that karma is sweet..BTW I definitely enjoyed the interview. Wonder if that guy has any remorse in what he has said? then again, he probably has no idea what the word 'filter' or 'remorse' means.

    1. I don't know how anyone could think that's a good idea.

  3. Just found you listed on the afternoon version of

    1. Well, that's pretty cool. Thanks for pointing it out.

  4. Great. So NOW you get all famous. I shoulda had you sign your business card when we met. I'd be selling that shizzle for big bank on eBay soon. Oh well. If I can't get rich, I at least hope something lucrative and writerly comes out of all this for you soon.

    1. Would selling my own autographs be considered "writerly"? Cause I could do that all day long.

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