Friday, November 22, 2013

The Beautiful Party

One of the twins' new favorite games is playing dress up with Mommy.  No, they don't all dress up together, and no, Mommy doesn't dress the girls up.  The kids dress Mommy up.  As if she were a big doll.  They drag her upstairs, one pulling her by the hand and the other pushing from behind.  They place her in front of the closet in our bedroom, and try different dresses, shoes, and jewelry on her.  Sometimes, if Mommy is game, they will go into the bathroom and tell her which makeup to apply.  Usually, Mommy ends up looking like she's ready to go up into the proverbial club, and perhaps even dance there for tips.  Daddy likes.

Somehow, dressing Mommy up led to this idea of throwing a swanky party where the guests are required to wear their finest finery and use their best manners.  At first, the girls were calling it the "Beautiful Party."  Since then, they have lowered their expectations a bit, and currently refer to this future event as the "Fancy Party." 

A number of routine activities may inspire conversation regarding the party.  For instance, when they get dressed in the morning, they might point out which dresses they will wear to the Fancy Party.  Likewise, when Mommy selects her earrings, they might remind her which ones she is supposed to wear to the big soirĂ©e.  They have been thinking about the menu, as well, and when we tend to the vegetable garden, Maddy, with a grandiose sweep of her arms, might say, "Everyone will LOVE the vegetables from our garden at the Beautiful Party!"  "You mean 'Fancy Party'," Livvy will correct.

When talk of the Fancy Party starts, the girls become eager and want to have the party as soon as possible.  "Can we have the Fancy Party tomorrow, Daddy?" they ask.  "Well," I say, "we still have a lot of planning to do.  We have to come up with a guest list, make the invitations, figure out what else we'll eat, and other stuff too."

So far, this is what they have come up with:

Girls and ladies have to wear beautiful clothes.  The twins will be wearing "twirl dresses," tights, and sparkly shoes.  Mommy will wear her light blue cocktail dress with sunflowers on it, red shoes with flowers on the toes, amber bung tai ("earrings" in Vietnamenglish), and a necklace with a flower pendant.  She will wear white sparkly eyeshadow, mascara, pink lipstick, and her nails will be painted sparkly red.  Alternately, Mommy may wear either her purple or her orange ao dai (traditional Vietnamese outfit).  Daddy (and all other males) must wear long pants and a clean shirt.

Coarse language and bad behavior will not be tolerated.  Inappropriate language is frowned upon.  Specifically, guests will be forbidden from using the word "stupid" and instead of saying "fart," they must say "toot."  Furthermore, there is to be no "going bananas," fussing, screaming, or growling.

The menu will include fresh lettuce from the garden.

Yes, there are some details that need to be hammered out.  I don't see the Fancy Party coming to fruition until after the winter holidays.  But the dress code is dialed in, and that's pretty much the most important part.     



  1. When I read pieces like this, I always think how different boys are. My boys occasionally dress up in their super hero costumes but that was the extent of dress up.

  2. Is Thao going to wear the earrings that got stuck in the outlet a while back?

    1. You mean the chunks of charcoal? Not likely. The kids don't even like us to speak about those in public.


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