Friday, March 21, 2014

Remember Four and Three Quarters

We're having good days these days; some of them back-to-back.
It's a jinx to mention this, I know;
But a curse to forget

We've had self-control,
Backed away from the bitter brink,
Negotiated like neighborly nation states.

It's a sweet spot.
Even the dog is onto it.
The two sisters play for hours and days, with ponies and pirates;
push and pull and patch it up. They hardly need me.

They hug hard.
Hug Mom ten times before she goes to work.
Hug hundreds of times, as much as I can handle, crashing and climbing,
Hanging, cantilevering, daredevil upside-down hugs.
Collapsed, deadweight, sleep-sweat hugs.

They're long in my arms when I see us reflected in a window,
One a bag of pythons, the other a barrel of birds.

Half a year from big-kid school,
They're so small when they reach up.


  1. Well, u must be doing something right! :-) yep, they're growing up.. soon u will deal w/prom, tuition, weddings....

    1. That seems like it really could happen. Crazy.

  2. I've realized when my boy turned 3 months, that every age (or at that time, every milestone) was harder, but also more rewarding. He's 6 now, and it's amazing to see him change. You're really about to watch them grow up, which is the best part of parenting.

    Also, my girl, who will be 4 in a week, still refers to herself as 3 and three quarters.

    1. So far, every age has been the best age. At any rate, I've never missed a previous era. But I know that's unsustainable. Thus the bittersweetness.

    2. My boy is 13 years old now, and that every age is the best age is still true. At every birthday since the beginning I've wanted him to stay exactly as he is, and so it goes on. And my 19 year old girl is the best company of anyone I know and a total happiness bomb. Still, there's that element of loss that they're not my babies any more. I love your poem.

  3. Enjoyed the poem, especially the closing lines, which felt like a haiku.

  4. Best use of a parenting blog, right here.

  5. Totally took me back man. Thanks. I miss those days.


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