Parenting Generation Z

Beta Dad Scholarship




This scholarship was reserved for

  • Undergraduate or postgraduate students only
  • Students studying or interested in
    • Business
    • IT & Communications
    • Technology & Digital Age
    • Social Sciences
    • Parenting in an evolving digital age

We require well researched, insightful and create content in the form of an essay.  Submissions must be

  • Minimum of 2,500 words
  • Copyscape pass (do not plagiarize, we will find out)
  • Include reference to information sources
  • Media rich (i.e. creative commons or licenses approved imagery/videos), not just text
  • Include your full name, school/college details, courses studied & student identification
  • Hosted on Google Docs  (submit the link to us, not the file)

All applications understand that we reserve the exclusive rights to the submitted content in that we can post, edit and/or syndicate for marketing purposes.



thank you