mom dad and babyWelcome to the Parenthood section on the Beta Dad Blog.

This section will cover all aspects of parenting, from conception through to birth – and all the joys in between.

We have guides on what it’s like to be a parent, what to expect and how to navigate through the endless choices we need to make.

Such as choosing the correct buggy,  maternity pillow options, feeding the little ones and also dealing with them at their good and bad times, and times of need.  Enjoy !




If you're looking for guidance on how to choose the best maternity pillow, tips on how to sleep comfortably during your pregnancy, breast feeding or even insight on your insane food cravings then this section is for you.  Happy mothers make happy babies.

Child Behavior

Difficult behavior in children is one of the toughest things a parent will have to contend with.  In this section we provide you with practical guidance on dealing with yours kids misbehavior, instilling good manners , and conversely rewarding their good behavior too. 

We have and recommendations on online parenting courses too, to help with discipline and setting yourself up as a great role model for your children.
child behaviors

Child Health

In our children health section we focus on a range of sub topics such as..

Fevers, Hearing, Sleeping, Food Stuffs. Eye Care, Mouth & Nasal care

So if you're looking for some practical guides on how to treat specific ailments, prevent them or general care for your kids then have a dig through here.  Some of our top articles are in this section.
children's health advice